Friday, July 22, 2016

Pensng Mamacaptain Office ---- official opening on 20 July 2016

MamaCaptain begin since 8 June 2015 til now already a year plus, within a year period from nothing we glow til now we have more than 100k members.
We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary at Penang Spice Arena, during the day we have our merchant [Barrel2U]more than 100 booths , in the evening we have show and concert. All benefit donated to 30 different society with the amount of RM 500,000.
On 20 July Penang MamaCaptain office will be opening at Elite Avenue, open for public visiting.
In the market what kind of platform company can do for members within a year period??? 
My answer is only MamaCaptain can ...... 
In MamaCaptain we see our FUTURE
In MamaCaptain we see our BENEFIT
In MamaCaptain we spend without WORRIES
In MamaCaptain we help lot of MERCHANTS
So .... What are you waiting for???

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  1. Anybody who are interested can leave me a message or email to me.