Friday, July 22, 2016

NASA's Kennedy Space Center firm to lay off almost 300 workers

Security services company Chenega Security & Support Solutions, LLC will lay off 272 employees between Sept. 26-30.
The Chantilly, Va.-based company filed a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification with Florida's Department of Economic Opportunity on July 18. Chenega's Florida facility specializes in protective services for NASA and has a location at the Kennedy Space Center.
The lay offs are due to the end of the Kennedy Space Center's service contract with Chenega, Karen Rogina, director of corporate communications, told Orlando Business Journal.
"We've submitted a bid proposal for a follow-up contract; we're waiting for award notification," said Rogina. "Whether it's us or a different contractor, we anticipate a seamless transition for all the positions in the new contract."
The company was awarded a fixed-price contract beginning in December 2011 and lasting a maximum of four years, 10 months, according to NASA's public records. The maximum value of the contract was approximately $151.9 million.
Chenega's current services at the Kennedy Space Center include physical security operations, 911 dispatch, firefighting and emergency management and protective services training, according to NASA's public records.

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