Thursday, June 16, 2016

Two killed, 100 stores looted during riots in Venezuela

Photo Credit PanAm Post
Photo Credit PanAm Post
(VENEZUELA)  Following riots on Tuesday in Cumaná city, north-eastern Sucre state, opposition congresswoman Milagros Paz regretted that violence was “a replica” of the riots that took place in Cariaco last Friday, when security agents cracked down on a number of people demonstrating for food.
“Over 100 stores, mainly grocery stores, were looted; two people were shot dead, 25 were injured and 150 detained,” Paz said in an interview with private radio station Unión Radio.
The lawmaker blamed the riot on the government of Sucre state. She added that relevant authorities “have not admitted the food distribution emergency (…) They have not taken on the responsibility they have in economic matters.”
Further, the official reported that a Congress taskforce is expected to be appointed to start investigations.

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