Thursday, June 16, 2016

Official Countdown to Brexit, Deutsche Bank Collapse To Record Lows, Global Economic Crash Is Here!

Nine days.

European Funding Stress Emerges As Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Collapse To Record Lows
It is becoming increasingly impossible for the glad-handing, cheerleading members of the status-quo-hugging club to ignore the fact that Europe’s banking system is collapsing.
Today’s weakness has sent both Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse (not some tin-pot Italian banks) to record lows (“worse than Lehman” lows)…

And, in the short end of the EUR curve, we are seeing funding stresses in the form of widening Libor/OIS spreads… (basically a measure of short-term counterparty risk)
Global Economy at the Brink of Collapse!

Global economic collapse crisis stock market……………

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