Friday, June 17, 2016

Smith & Wesson Sales Hit All Time High, Up 200% Since Obama Election

smith and wesson
(ZERO HEDGE)  Moments ago, America’s legendary gun company reported Q4 earnings which, not surprisingly, beat estimate on the top and bottom line, reporting EPS of $0.66, far above the $0.54 expected, on revenue of $221.1 million, $7 million higher than consensus had expected. The stock, while not at its all time high which it hit earlier this year, is surging on the results, however, it was the tremendous topline growth in revenue that has to be seen to be believed.
See if you can spot the catalyst that unleashed SWHC’s unprecedented growth burst.

Yes, you are reading that chart correctly: Smith and Wessons sales are up 200% since Obama was elected.

As for the future, SWHC forecast 2017 sales of $740-$760 million, which smashed expectations of $732 million, and which we are confident will be very easily beat, especially thanks to the latest attempt by the president to implement yet another set of gun control executive orders.
And this of course: the number of FBI background checks, a direct proxy for gun sale in any given monthm which just hit an all time high for the month of May.

Once again, we wonder if secretly Obama isn’t merely a very deeply
planted agent for the NRA and gun lobby – if it wasn’t for him gun sales
in the US would be order of magnitude lower.

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