Friday, January 15, 2016

Obama Is A Joke. He Will Go Down In History As One Of The Worst Presidents In History.

by James Quinn

The Liar-in-Chief evidently crowed last night about his awesome achievements in turning our economy around, generating millions of jobs, and cutting our deficits. The average American knows he’s full of shit and lying his half black ass off. The economy is in recession and has been in recession for the average person (not Wall Street bankers and DC politicians) for years.
His Obamacare debacle is destroying the finances of middle class families and small businesses. The jobs added are part-time shit jobs for people who got laid off from good paying full-time jobs because of Obamacare. Deficits have been artificially cut through accounting schemes with Fannie, Freddie, and the Fed. They are poised to soar back to $1 trillion per year because Obama has done nothing but add to our unfunded welfare liabilities.
Obama fancies himself as the champion of the poor and working class. The chart below reveals the true state of Obama’s union. Real median income in 2007 before the Wall Street created financial collapse was $57,300. Today it is $53,800. Any idiot who considers that progress should be a community organizer. The Liar-in-Chief took office in 2009 when the poverty rate was 14.5%. He’s going to leave office with the poverty rate exceeding 15.5%. His black poverty stricken constituency should be stringing him up, based on his success in alleviating their pain.
Obama is a joke. He will go down in history as one of the worst presidents in history, and that is hard to do.

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