Tuesday, January 24, 2017

They Are Coming For Your Cash! Currency Bans Are Sweeping The Globe

(THOMAS DISHAW) The war on cash is a war on your freedom, and its beginning to happen everywhere. If Governments around the world are able to ‘trash cash’ they will be able to monitor and predict your every move just like Amazon predicts your next purchase.
Greedy Governments continue to tell us a cash ban is needed to stop the terrorists, while they arethe ones funding the terrorists.
I’m sure you see the pattern….Its all so Orwellian.
And unfortunately it’s getting worse. Countries like Australia are getting more aggressive and calling for the $100 bill to banned. Economist Joseph Stiglitz is pushing the US to abandon cash as well, ignoring the fact that India’s currency ban has caused its economy to all but completely crash.
If the implications of a cashless society don’t concern you just take a moment to think about what would happen in a grid down situation, which would mean that we don’t have access to our finances and we cant purchase basic goods.  There is also the access that the Government now has of your purchases, meaning now they can easily tap into what books you read, the church you give to and the guns you purchase.
Should you still not be convinced at how quickly the transformation is taking place, look no further than the following list of countries that are at the forefront of banning cash.

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