Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trading in Italian listed banks was shut down Monday afternoon, Italy on COLLISION COURSE with EU!

Another great example of playing by the rules unless it doesn’t fit in with what you want.
So let’s couple this Italy story along with the fine the EU will impose on Spain and France for not meeting their budgetary requirements and the continuing soap opera that is the Greek fiasco.
Then the unrest within the Eastern side of the bloc, Danish resistance, dissent in Sweden, France and The Netherlands, German business leaders turning on their own leaders to come up with decent trading terms with us, Merkel turning on Juncker, Juncker turn on the EU nations who won’t ditch their own currencies……..
The EU.
The gift that just keeps on giving.
Love it.
Trading in Italian listed banks was shut down Monday afternoon
Italy on COLLISION COURSE with EU: Renzi ‘set to pump billions into troubled banks’

ITALIAN prime minister Matteo Renzi is set to defy European Union bureaucrats by pumping billions of pounds into his country’s failing banks.

Gold Spikes Yet Again, Silver Breaks Through $21, Italian Banks in Freefall
EU to Italy – You can’t bail out your banks. Only we can. Italy to EU – Go fuck yourself
Looks like Italy is exercising it’s sovereignty in the wake of what looks like a banking crisis.
The see what the EU did to Greece and ar having none of it.

Italy is prepared to defy the EU and unilaterally pump billions of euros into its troubled banking system if it comes under severe systemic distress, a last-resort move that would smash through the bloc’s nascent regime for handling ailing banks.
Matteo Renzi, the Italian prime minister, is determined to intervene with public funds if necessary despite warnings from Brussels and Berlin over the need to respect rules that make creditors rather than taxpayers fund bank rescues, according to several officials and bankers familiar with their plans.


SOROS now betting 100 MILLION marks on the collapse of DEUTSCHE BANK…
BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros took out a staggering €100MILLION bet that a major German bank would collapse after Britain decisions to cut ties with the crumbling EU
In growing signs that desperate Angela Merkel’s economy is struggling in the wake of the nation’s decision to leave the EU – Soros Fund Management said its short position was now 0.46 per cent – suggesting it had begun to take profits

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