Monday, June 20, 2016

Tesla’s Model S can turn into a boat (kinda), Musk boasts

In case you were ever wondering, Tesla Inc.’s Model S electric car will float, in a pinch, CEO Elon Musk said Sunday.
At least now we know the “S” does not stand for “sinks.”
In a series of tweets, the Tesla TSLA, -1.13%   co-founder said the “Model S floats well enough to turn it into a boat for short periods of time,” and the rotating tires can provide thrust. As proof, Musk linked to a video showing a Model S swimming through a flooded underpass in Russia.

Musk did note, though, that turning your $70,000 car into a boat is not recommended.
A typical Model S is actually about 1,200 pounds heavier than a comparable luxury car, but its battery pack and drive units are sealed against the elements, Musk said.
Floating isn’t the only extreme condition Tesla has prepared for. Its Model X SUV has a “bioweapon defense mode” for its air filters.
As a future teaser, Musk added that he’s working on “a sports sub car that can drive on roads” as a side project. So maybe someday you too can cue up Carly Simon and live out your James Bond fantasy.

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