Friday, May 27, 2016

Ron Paul: We can do without the IRS, TSA and VA

Ron Paul said Tuesday that Americans would be better off without a trio of major government agencies.
“We can do without the IRS, we can do without the TSA and we can do without the VA and do a much better job,” he said of the Internal Revenue Service, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Veterans' Affairs.
“We lived without the IRS for 135 years,” Paul added on Fox Business Network. "We’ve only had the TSA for a short period of time and it has done us no good except give us long lines. The VA is in shambles because bureaucracy doesn’t work.
“All of these are proof that bureaucratic management doesn’t work. Instead of trying to fix it, we should have an alternative.”
The IRS, TSA and VA have all made national headlines in recent weeks following controversies at each agency.
The House Judiciary Committee is consideringimpeaching IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in hearings that start Tuesday. Read more:

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