Sanctions have twist in the tail

Dr Zarif is in Wellington to build bridges after the lifting of sanctions on Iran, but the operator of the plane he flew in on was still subject to sanctions.
Dr Zarif and his delegation arrived in Wellington on the Iranian Government's Airbus A340-300, operated by Meraj Air.
Although sanctions on most of Iran's air carriers were lifted mid-January, there are still sanctions on Meraj Air as well as Mehan Air because of suspected support for groups including Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria.
The A340 Dr Zarif arrived in was reportedly purchased out of Pakistan last September.
Both Meraj Air and Mehan Air have been criticised for sidestepping sanctions by channelling the purchases through intermediaries.
The first major deal the Iranian government signed off on in January was for 114 Airbus planes for its civilian carrier Iran Air. The deal was signed on President Hassan Rouhani's visit to Europe.