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by Smaulgld

Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals.

Shanghai Gold Exchange February withdrawals were 107.603 tonnes of gold.

February 2016 gold withdrawals were 31% lower compared to 156.363 tonnes withdrawn in February 2015.

Shanghai Silver Exchange February deliveries were 45.66 tonnes up from 33.695 tonnes in January.

Hong Kong gold kilobar withdrawals were fifty tonnes in February 2016 and 1,069 tonnes since March 2015.
Shanghai Gold Exchange
The Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) withdrawals of 107.603 tonnes of gold during the month of February 2016 were down about 52.3% from withdrawals of 225.801 tonnes in January 2016 and down 31% from February 2015.
According to Nick Laird of Sharelynx*, the Shanghai Gold Exchange reported withdrawals on a monthly basis for February.
Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals in 2016 through February

Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals in 2015 were 2,597 tonnes. Through February 2016, SGE withdrawals are 333.404 tonnes.

2015 Withdrawals vs. Prior Years
Shanghai gold exchange final 2105 vs 2009 - 2014

Withdrawals on the Shanghai Gold Exchange in 2015 were 23.5% higher than 2014 and 19.07% higher than prior record year 2013.

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COMEX Hong Kong Gold Kilobar Withdrawals Through March 3, 2016

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures contract for Hong Kong Kilobars has experienced withdrawals of an average of more than six tons of gold a day since it began in mid March 2015. As of March 3, 2016, over 1,069 tonnes of gold have been withdrawn pursuant to this program since March 2015 for an annualized run rate of about 1,200 tonnes of gold a year.
Hong Kong kilo bar withdrawals february 2016

2015 and November 2015 Shanghai Gold Exchange Withdrawals vs. COMEX 2015 Gold Deliveries

The chart below demonstrates the difference between the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the COMEX gold futures market. The former is a physical gold market while the latter is a paper/digital contract market where physical gold delivery is rarely made.
Just over 43 tonnes of gold were delivered on COMEX in 2015 (through November).
Shanghai Gold Exchange vs Comex in 2015

Average weekly Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawals in 2015 were 49.94 tonnes vs 43.54 tonnes delivered all year on COMEX.

Shanghai Gold Exchange Gold Fix Coming in 2016

Later this year a new Yuan based gold fix with be launched via the Shanghai Gold Exchange.
*at Sharelynx you will find the most extensive collection of precious metals charts available on the web.
Data Source – All Shanghai Gold Exchange withdrawal data courtesy of Nick Laird of Sharelynx who sources it directly from the People’s Bank of China’s Chinese language web site.

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