Thursday, March 3, 2016

Is the Fix In? DNC Chair has sold out US citizens to the financial sector of loan sharking!

Is this the Emperor with no clothes?
Is the Fix In? DNC Chair has sold out to the financial sector of loan sharking!
File:Slavebeating.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Slavebeating.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz Joins GOP Attack on Elizabeth Warren's Agency
Could this power drunk move be the stumbling of the facade, a look behind the curtain as Hillary campaigns to continue the Obama Presidency? Really? How does attacking Elizabeth Warren's work that she has fought so hard to protect the struggling of our citizens on the ropes from the vultures of greed?
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This is the DNC's representation of American citizens? Is not the Black community most adversely affected by these sharks in enslaving citizens into bondage? Have they no shame?
If Bernie's campaign and Elizabeth Warren does not call them out on this we will know that the fix is in. I am a Bernie supporter and he has not disappointed me even when the chorus was blaring no chance in hell. 

George King has been involved in civil rights and started protesting government as a US Marine protesting the Vietnam War in 1967. He has owned and operated as a small business owner of Coffee Houses and later Sporting Goods. He was employed (more...)

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