Monday, January 25, 2016

Why is J.P. Morgan accumulating the biggest physical silver stock in history?

by Secular Investor

Zilver Silver Bullion
Why has J.P. Morgan accumulated more than 60 million ounces physical silver in their Comex vault? Only 4 years ago they had 5 million ounces silver. And they keep accumulating although they lose money. In this epical rise the price of silver declined from $30 to $14 per ounce. What do they know?
Someone at J.P. Morgan must know that all this silver will shine one day. Maybe it’s CEO Jamie Dimon himself? Remember what Dimon said last year:
Some things never change. There will always be another crisis.  And its impact will be felt by the financial market. The trigger to the next crisis will not be the same as to the last one, but there will always be another crisis.”
So we’ve got the CEO from one of America’s biggest investment banks that believes there will be another crisis. And that same investment bank buys enormous amounts of silver to store in their vaults while the price of silver declines. This only makes sense when silver will play an important role during the next crisis.
Zilver Silver JP Morgan
April last year J.P. Morgan accumulated 8.3 million ounces silver in only 2 weeks. A 15% increase to 55 million ounces. 16 month prior to this buying spree their vault barely changed. During the last 9 month the bank bought a couple of million ounces more. At this moment they have 68,379,949 ounces physical silver in their Comex vault.

Physical silver news: market is broken

So maybe J.P. Morgan knows something we don’t know. Maybe they know why the silver market is broken.
US silver import surged last year. The reason the U.S. imports so much silver is due to its large industrial silver manufacturing industry. The United States has been the most consistent largest importer of silver in the world. Furthermore, the U.S. Mint has produced more Silver Eagles each year.
During the first 9 months of 2015 import increased by 798 tons BUT industrial silver demand is down considerably, 29% to be precisely.
Silver import US 2014 - 2015
When this trend continues in the 4th quarter, the United States would have imported more than 6.000 tons of silver while industrial demand is down. The last time the U.S. imported that much silver was in 2011.
So, for whatever reason… there is more silver coming into the U.S. than the market dictates. Someone or some large entities must be acquiring silver off the radar. Maybe J.P. Morgan know something we don’t know?
Over the past few years, JP Morgan has been accumulating enormous amounts of physical silver.  Nobody has ever seen anything quite like this ever before.  Could it be possible that JP Morgan Chase is anticipating another great economic crisis?
JP Morgan certainly seems to be preparing for a worst case scenario.

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