Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wells Fargo – something isn’t right

With all of the talk of the banks and a cyber attack, thought I would report this.
Last 2 days in a row when logging on online, before I could gain access to my account I had to change not just the password, but also the username.
Since I have had WF, 15+ years, I have never been asked to change either. Now within 48 hours I have had 3 different usernames and 3 different passwords. Something just isn’t right…
What was most shocking was after updating it yesterday, I had to change both again today. It appears to be related to “security software upgrades.” Which is what I thought was interesting after the thread about JH using hackers to go after banks
A contact with urgent information on April 8, 2015.
Firsthand knowledge related to members of Jade Helm 15 (i.e. U.S. Special Forces) who are recruiting young adults to “hack into banks”.
There is a similar report coming out of Central Arizona (Casa Grande) in which I received an email message that stated that “our son who is a computer genius was recruited to do some computer work for various banks”. After signing nondisclosure agreements, it turned out that “the computer work for the banks actually involved hacking into the banks” and that “our son backed away but was threatened with being charged as an accomplice in the aftermath” if the person did not do what they were told.
On the evening of April 8, 2015, Paul Martin also stated that similar reports are coming out of Baily, CO., Goliad, TX., and Bastrop, TX!
Jade Helm 15 is being run by Joint Special Operation Forces. The stories of Special Forces recruiting hackers to perpetrate cyber attacks upon the banks speaks to the fact that JH 15 is, in part, designed to collapse the banks, create an economic crisis from which martial law could be justified.
My sources tell me that only 1-2% of the banks have to fail in this country in order to set off a domino effect of catastrophic economic effects. Therefore, the number needed hackers needed to collapse the system is not a staggering number.
Among the first effects that would be experienced would be the transporting of our food supply which operates on a razor thin margin supported by “Just in Time” deliveries to grocery stores. Any disruption the ability to monetize the process of food transport could be prove catastrophic. If this scenario resulted in food shortages and ensuing food riots, then surely, Jade Helm 15 would go live along with the martial law aspect of its mandate.
From another user:
“They did, however, inform me that this impacted quite a few users with “old” usernames and was caused by a system security update and not activity pertaining to me directly…I pointed out that the flag they had on my account username prevented me from logging in using a browser, but I was still able to use the WF app with my existing credentials to access the system perfectly well.”
Basel III Just Pulled The Rug Out From Under Your Community Bank…
It’s been assurance after assurance ever since Basel III began to be bantered about that it wouldn’t adversely effect a Community Banks ability to compete with the “Too Big To Fail” Multi-National Banks in the big cities…
Well as usual, it was all bullshit…
More than a year ago, the American Bankers Association filed a lawsuit to provide relief for community banks from the Volcker Rule. The initial Volcker final rule required banks to divest their trust-preferred securities holdings, forcing thousands of otherwise healthy community banks to sell these assets at depressed prices. About a month later, the banking agencies issued an interim final rule providing relief to community banks that had invested in Trups.
While celebrated, the relief provided to some banks has proven to be short-lived as Basel III starts coming into effect.
Under Basel III, any amount above 10% of a bank’s common equity is treated as a loss and deducted from regulatory capital. The Basel III capital deduction strongly encourages the very divestiture of Trups collateralized debt obligations that was overturned in the 2014 interim final Volcker rule. As such, it is unclear how the Basel III treatment is consistent with congressional intent of retaining the “status quo” for the Trups market, as described by all three banking agencies. Is this deduction a means of reinstating the original Volcker Rule’s divestiture requirement? Does the Basel Committee carry more weight than Congress?
The answer to the highlighted question is of course…YES!
Wonder if it is related to this:

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