Friday, March 27, 2015

All signs actually do point to a repeat of the Great Depression very soon. History repeats folks.

In October 1929 as we all know the markets crashed in a truly historic way. But what lead up to the Great depression? the events that lead up to it are VERY MUCH like the events unfolding around all of us right now.
One major difference is how the world has gotten smaller and nations rely on each other more than ever before.
– March 1929, Mini market crash.
– March 1929, Nation Bank approves $25 millionin credit to stop mini crash
– Stocks grow again. Stocks had been on a 9 year run (roaring 20’s!!)
– June – Sept 1929, Dow gains more than 20%!! and by July was at AN ALL TIME HIGH!
– By Mid-Sept 1929, after only 3 negative Dow days, financial expert Roger Babson makes the statement that the crash is coming. Three days later the London Markets crashed.
– a month later, Oct 24, 1929 Dow lost 11% at the opening bell.
– Days later, Black Monday lost 13%, and Black Tuesday lost 12%.
– On October 30 (Wednesday) the Dow GAINED back 12%.
– Following the Oct 30th rally, the makets steadily declined for YEARS. They did not get back to Sept 1929 levels until Nov 1954.
We are sitting right now at record highs. We keep topping them, all the while economists are warning that it’s all about to end very badly, just like Roger Babson did. We prop up the economy with quantitative easing, and offer too much credit to anyone looking for some. Countries that are TRILLIONS in debt are bailing other countries out of financial collapse, only so that cancer
doesn’t spread to them next. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY ACTUALLY BAILING THESE COUNTRIES OUT WITH????? I believe it can only be hidden, covered up, and propped up for so long before it all comes tumbling down.
Many in the U.S. Intelligence Community fear a 25-year Great Depression is unavoidable…
My name is Steve Meyers.
And I want to thank you for taking part in this exclusive Money Morning interview with Jim Rickards, the Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor for both the Pentagon and CIA.
Recently, all 16 branches of our Intelligence Community have come together to release a shocking report.
These agencies, that include the CIA, FBI, Army, and Navy, they’ve already begun to estimate the impact of the fall of the dollar as the global reserve currency.
And our reign as the world’s leading super power being annihilated in a way equivalent to the end of the British Empire, post-World War II.
And the end game could be a nightmarish scenario, where the world falls into an extended period of global anarchy.
Of course WWII helped pull the world out of the Great Depression, and we are certainly setting the table right now for what could potentially be WWIII.
History repeats.

2015 global recession warning from financial seers of the century
JULY 2014: David Levy’s family has correctly called every major financial event in the US for decades. Now he’s warning of a global recession next year.
“When the US sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold” may need to be flipped.
Maybe the rest of the world will sneeze this time, and the US will get sick.
That’s the view of David Levy, who oversees the Levy Forecast, a newsletter analysing the economy that his family started in 1949 and one with an enviable record. Nearly a decade ago, the now 59-year-old economist warned that US housing was a bubble set to burst, and that the damage would push the country into a recession so severe the Federal Reserve would have no choice but to slash short-term borrowing rates to stimulate the economy. That’s exactly what happened. Now Mr Levy says the United States is likely to fall into a recession next year, triggered by downturns in other countries, for the first time in modern history.
“The recession for the rest of the world … will be worse than the last one,” says Mr Levy, whose grandfather called the 1929 stock crash and whose father won praise for anticipating turns in the business
cycle, often against conventional wisdom. Mr Levy’s forecast for a global recession is extreme, but worth considering given so much is riding on the dominant view that economies are healing. Investors have pushed US stocks to record highs, and Fed estimates have the US growing at an annual pace of at least 3 per cent for the rest of the year, and all of 2015.
March 25, 2015: Dow tumbles 292 points as economy shows cracks
World Markets:
CAC 40-1.54%
FTSE 100-1.40%
Opening Bell: US stocks open lower amid data and geopolitical tensions; Dow off 100 points – @CNBC

Jim Grant: The Fed Is Still In Emergecy Mode After 7 Years. Greece Confiscating Pensions Is More Overt Than Central Banks Targeting Inflaton
What Kind Of Lipstick Will The Fed Put On It’s Pig Of A GDP? More QE? Steal More From Savers With Negative Rates? Audit & Close The Fed!
Scary parallels and how to time the next crash
There are a lot of old saws out there that are simply wrong (Don’t fight the Fed comes to mind), but one that I’ve always loved is Samuel Clemens’ “History doesn’t repeat, it rhymes.”
Over time, we see a lot chartists and history buffs overlay charts from various time frames and/or markets and the charts will line up rather shockingly. Remember this one?


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