Sunday, February 1, 2015

What’s Really Happening? with Michael Rivero

b7 Rory, The Daily Coin
few years ago the gold market manipulation story began taking root in the mainstream media. When Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), former head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), appeared in the spotlight various countries began to question wether their gold, supposedly stored in safe-keeping at the Federal Reserve in New York, was actually still in the vaults.Michael Rivero, Editor in Chief of What Really Happened, website and radio show, appeared on the History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets: The Gold Conspiracy”. This TV program provided some detail of what happened during the DSK arrest for allegedly having a sexual encounter with a chamber maid at a New York City hotel. DSK was actually removed from a plane headed to Germany where DSK was to attend a meeting the next day. DSK had been asking questions about gold the Federal Reserve was suppose to turning over to the IMF.Michael explains how this situation ties into what we are witnessing today with countries the world over questioning gold being held by the Federal Reserve. A lot of people are familiar with Germany’s gold repatriation efforts. But what about Austria asking questions, Belgium and a host of other countries wondering about their gold. Does the gold exist?The Federal Reserve has made plans to return some of Germany’s gold over the course of 7 years; approximately 700 tons. To date, the only gold that is 100% verified is approximately 5 tons. Germany originally requested the gold be returned in beginning in January 2013. January 2015 Germany supposedly received an additional 85 tons from the Federal Reserve. This gold has NOT been verified by any third party within Germany. The people of Germany have asked for paperwork, photos, serial numbers, something to verify the gold was returned. As of this writing they have not received one item to verity the gold has been received.With at least 5 countries now questioning their gold holdings, how will the Federal Reserve be able to continue to dodge request for an audit or repatriation from other countries? Will the question of gold being held by the Federal Reserve create the next world war?This brings up the question of Libya’s gold. Where are the 144 tons of gold that went missing when the US dropped 110 tomahawk missiles on Libya, killed Gaddafi and closed the State Bank of Libya? Oh yeah, there was a new Central Bank, operated by western bankers, put into place shortly after the bombings and the other mayhem that was created. Gaddafi just wanted to sell his oil for gold Dinar’s instead of US Dollars. That, is a problem. That will get you killed. Don’t believe me. Ask Saddam Hussein; that’s right, he’s dead too. Why? Because he had cut a deal to sell Iraq’s oil for Euro’s instead of US Dollars. Weapons of mass destruction. anyone, anyone? No. That lie not working anymore?What about the situation in Ukraine, Russia, Syria and Israel? Michael ties all this together and brings us up to speed with the coming false flag, 2 million sunscreen and brass keys for missile silos.This interview gets down to business in a hurry. Michael was pressed for time and was gracious enough to share some of his very valuable time with us. We hope you learn something and we hope you listen to the end, because Michael has something to share with each of you.

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