Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Guardian: Swiss Referendum Could Spark Gold Rush

Today I was interviewed by the Guardian on the Swiss gold referendum. Again, I was fortunate to share my opinion with a wide audience.
…The debate has underlined the emotional and arguably romantic pull of the precious metal in an age where less tangible assets dominate.
“Gold continues to trigger impetuous and irrational reactions in many people,” Sergio Rossi, professor of macroeconomics and monetary economics at Fribourg University, told the Swiss news agency SDA.
Others say it has rather emphasized the flaws in the monetary system. “It has shown just how unsustainable the debt-based monetary system we have is,” said Koos Jansen, an Amsterdam-based gold analyst for the Singaporean precious-metal dealer BullionStar.
“The Swiss initiative is merely part of an increasing global scramble towards gold and away from the endless printing of money. Huge movements of gold are going on right now. Recently the Dutch repatriated 122 tons, Germany is bringing home its gold from the US, whilst the Bric countries are accumulating large quantities of it for their banks.
“While those behind the Swiss initiative have often been portrayed as crazy, they’re merely acting out of fear that their central bank is losing control of its monetary policy, and of the Swiss franc being sucked into this currency war and losing its value,” he said.

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The Guardian: Swiss Referendum Could Spark Gold Rush 
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