Friday, November 28, 2014

Bankers: White Collar Crime and the War on Gold

Today on The Janssen Report (#87): two important items to understand in this global economy are the war on gold and the continuation of crimes by bankers. Gold’s importance is still downplayed in the media, but anyone can see there is something huge going on. Nation after nation is repatriating their physical gold, many eastern countries are still loading up on gold and yet the market price of gold is stable at best. We know this market is rigged (look up: naked gold shorts) and there are more and more signs that the supply of the physical metal is weakening. AAn epic upward correction of the gold price must be coming at some point.
In an interview on Rolling Stone journalist Matt Taibbi talks about the JP Morgan Chase 9 billion dollar settlement that whistleblower Alayne Fleischmann helped secure and why he thinks banking criminals will never go to jail.
These are two very important issues in explaining how and why the erosion of lower and middle class wealth continues to take place.
Educate yourself, act and become self-reliant. Stay tuned to The Janssen Report!
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