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Counterfeiting Trillions of Dollars in US Treasury Bonds And Other Crimes.

A week ago I noticed that the Treasury published our total increase in Treasury bonds for the past year. It had grown by $1,085,888,854,036.50. Some people mistakenly think that this is the Treasury deficit. Not quite. They have not accounted for the privilege certain Too Big To Jail Banks have which is that one or more of them is allowed to counterfeit US Treasury bonds and pocket the cash.
The Treasury deficit is calculated the old fashioned way. You take federal expenses and subtract revenues. The total Treasury deficit for 2013 cited by Joint Statement of Secretary Lew and OMB Director Burwell on Budget Results for Fiscal Year 2013 was $680 billion.
If you subtract the Budget deficit from the total number of Treasury bonds sold you have: $1,085,888,854,036.50 minus $680 billion which  equals $405,888,854,036.50.
So the Bankers are allowed to take more than $405 billion a year from you because they can counterfeit Treasury bonds. The Federal Reserve has 21 primary dealers who handle Treasury transactions through the New York branch of the FED.
Is there any evidence that there are large amounts of fake Treasury bonds floating around? Yes. There is. There is a rather intriguing story from June 2009 about two Japanese men headed to Switzerland who were detained in Italy with 134 billion dollars in US Treasury bonds. The bonds turned out not to be genuine according to the US Treasury. It is illegal to possess counterfeit securities, but the men were sent back to Japan without being charged. Bloomberg did a story a few days later saying this was merely bizarre news.
Dr Jim Willie said the primary dealers and the New York Federal Reserve sold $2.2 trillion in counterfeit Treasury bonds from the Clinton era and another $1.5 trillion more in bonds than the deficits required over the 45 months after 911. So far no politician has done anything to stop this organized counterfeiting.
When the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, Bankers were given the right to charge us interest on money they created out of nothing. If we had a non-interest bearing debt free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks, there would be no National Debt and no interest paid on that debt. There ought to be no Treasury bonds and no interest on the debt.
The Bankers have been given a license to steal from you in other areas. Some might remember the controversy of the bullion banks being allowed to lease gold at a very low interest rate and then to sell it five times as a paper certificate.  Various countries like Germany and the Netherlands have asked for the return of their gold that had been on deposit in New York and London. The US said it would take 7 years to return Germany’s gold. To date the US has returned 5 tons of gold out of 1,500 tons on deposit. Dr Jim Willie has estimated that there are at least 20,000 tons of paper certificates for gold on deposit at bullion banks for which there is no corresponding bullion.
Bankers have other means of stealing from you. Catherine Austin Fitts says they stole $40 trillion from you.
Catherine was US Housing Commissioner in the first Bush administration. She said she found one block in San Diego that had lost $20 million in HUD loan guarantees made on properties that never existed and did not even have postal street addresses.
On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, testified before the US House of Representatives that she had to adjust the books 284 times and write off $77.2 billion for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999. A Congressman asked her if she did anything other than adjust the books. She said she did nothing other than adjust the books meaning she did not even bother to recover the stolen money. The Congress has rather low standards when it comes to protecting you from organized theft by Wall Street.
On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld said he could not trace $2.3 trillion in Department of Defense spending. He promised to do a better job in the future. The future is Now and DOD accounting has not improved. Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the Comptroller of the Pentagon under Rumsfeld. It was his job to find the missing trillions. On the morning of 9-11-2001 the auditors tracing the missing money died. Also on 911 the records that could prove the existence of 2.2 trillion dollars in counterfeit Treasury bonds that had been sold in the Clinton years was destroyed at Cantor Fitzgerald’s offices at One World Trade Center on the 101st to 105th floors. The Securities and Exchange Commission had an office in World Trade Center Tower 7 that had evidence against the Wall Street firms who could have been sued over their fiduciary responsibilities for the ENRON bankruptcy.  Too bad all the evidence for the $2.2 trillion in counterfeit Treasury bonds and billions in the ENRON case went up in smoke on 9-11-2001.
Two American financial reporters, Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser, reported the results of their interviews with Bankers in Dubai. The Bankers told them that American military contractors who opened bank accounts in Dubai did so with all cash deposits averaging $2.5 million.There have been consistent reports that the US Department of Defense has let out contracts for buildings, bridges and other projects that are blown up by ‘terrorists’ as soon as they are complete thus allowing the contractor to build another bridge to nowhere.
Afghanistan and the world are awash in opium. I read an interview with an American veteran who had been a sniper. He was told to take out anyone going over his assigned mountain pass except for the man transporting the opium. And you wonder why America is still in Afghanistan and is negotiating to keep a military presence there.
This opium war diplomacy has been a long standing tradition. President Nixon appropriated millions over a period of years to pay Turkish farmers to stop selling their opium illegally because their sales were to the French Corsican mobs. Those men were in competition with the CIA which was bringing heroin into the US from Vietnam and Burma. One of the three reasons for killing President Kennedy was the desire to get white Americans hooked on drugs.
Vietnam was America’s First Opium war and Afghanistan was its second. The Too Big To Jail Bankers launder a trillion dollars in illegal weapons and drug money. The Bankers also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes. The CIA flies drugs into the US by the plane loads which it sells to its favored Street Gangs. These gangs according to the FBI had been growing at 40% every four years. America’s Open Borders have increased the growth of those gangs by allowing juveniles with Gang Tattoos to enter the country along with adults who have criminal records. This should mean we will surpass the 2 million Gang Members mark some time in 2015.
The Mexican Drug Cartels, some of whom work with the CIA, have already put American cops on their Death Lists. The Cartels obviously are waiting to cross names of their Death Lists as soon as they have added sufficient numbers to their armies inside the US. No point in risking a closing of Open Borders by prematurely killing the most honest and courageous cops in America. They plan to systematically go down that List until the honest cops are either dead or retired.
The elite Bankers think America suffers from ‘Excessive Democracy.’ Two million Drug Gang members will eliminate what little remains of America’s democratic traditions. Zach Taylor, the former Border Patrol supervisor, had access to US intelligence reports. He said that the Russian gangs are working very closely with the Mexican Cartels. What he did not say was that the Russian Gangs are Jewish.
The Mexican government works very closely with the Drug Cartels and the CIA. The Mexican Drug Wars have have killed 130,000 people. The Mexican government, the CIA and the favored Drug Gangs like the Sinaloa Cartel are not willing to share the drug profits with some 300 other smaller gangs.
Americans should take a long hard look at what the Cartels are planning for America. This is known to the federal government but that has not yet convinced them to end the disastrous Open Borders policy.
Some have speculated what Wall Street will do to change the dynamic of American politics now that we can be certain that the Federal Reserve and the rampant corruption will send this current Depression into the worst one in 500 years. The Bankers dealt a serious body blow to America’s ‘Excessive Democracy’ in 2001 when they they let Israel take down World Trade Center Towers 1,  2 and 7 with controlled demolitions. This allowed them to pass the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, The Military Commissions Act and the Nation Defense Authorization Act of 2012 and to militarize US domestic police.
They have already started doing what they plan to do in their Endgame. Ebola was, in my opinion and that of many others, a manufactured disease that enabled the City of London, Wall Street and Parisian Financiers to do what they have been doing for hundreds of years which is to exploit Africans. Ebola makes the governments of the Dark Continent extremely weak so Bankers can rob Africans of their immense natural resources.
90% of the ships used to transport African slaves to the New World were owned by Jews. When the working and middle class whites demanded an end to slavery, the Bankers replaced it with the even more profitable drug trade.
What white Americans have yet failed to realize is that the Bankers have no more regard for them than they do for Africans. Ebola has been reengineered to  give it a longer period of transmission. In the old days it killed people before they could spread it. Now the new and improved version of Ebola is Coming to America and to Europe. The Tory government of Britain and the Socialists in France have blocked direct flights from the Ebola infected countries since late August. Not so for America. Ebola and Enterovirus D68 seem to be doing great harm to America’s medical system. Given time they will be more devastating than Obamacare.
When the Dollar Dies and the economy crashes, Ebola will stop people from gathering in large crowds. This will prevent mobs of people with pitchforks from chasing down the Brokers and the Bankers of Manhattan. Ebola will also give a Greenlight to Disappearing the American resistance movement. I have said before that the federal government has a plan to Disappear 8 million Americans. That could only be attempted if there were a plague to cover it up. If they can give you s drug that makes you believe a false Ebola diagnosis, they can give you the real thing when you get to their concentration camps.
I do not expect a widespread plague until the US starts a mandatory Ebola vaccination program early in 2015. If you have read modern history, you would know that polio vaccinations infected more people than did the live virus. And the polio vaccination was intentionally loaded with contaminants according to the writings of Ed Haslam and Judyth Vary Baker.
I do not think this plan will work even if the elite can release another plague and successfully blame it on ISIS. Too many people know that ISIS is Al Qaeda of Iraq. It was trained, armed and funded by Obama. Edward Snowden told us that ISIS is run by the Mossad. Too many people inside the government will balk when they see engineered plagues killing their countrymen.
I would hope the military and others inside the government will say No.
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