Monday, September 22, 2014

HYT H1 Hydro-Mechanical Watch Powered with Bellows and Pistons

The saying “time is money” probably just got a completely new interpretation with the HYT H1 watch from Vincent Perriard & Company. I say this because this exclusive watch is priced at $45,000 (£29,600).
If there aren’t many watches priced that high, tell me how many watches you know whose movement is powered by bellows and pistons? The HYT H1 has pistons that move the bellows, which push and pull fluorescein around the circumference of the dial.
It’s the fluorescein that gives it the bright green colour. And yes, if you’re wondering if this is the same material used by forensic experts, you’d be spot on. The hours are displayed using the fluorescein-filled chamber, while a dedicated dial in the middle of the face displays the minutes.
The second hand is designed to look like a water turbine. If that doesn’t impress you adequately, keep in mind that the rear of the watch is made of cambered sapphire crystal so that you can view its hydro-mechanical innards working diligently.
The mechanical movement is hand-wound, and made of 35 crystals. The case is made of satin-brushed finish titanium, while the dial is made of silver-toned opaline. The strap is exquisite too, made of hand-sewn leather-lined canvas, with a pin buckle.
You can also get variants of the HYT H1 with a black DLC-coated titanium case or an 18K gold case. If all of the above does not make you feel that this watch is exclusive, maybe the fact that it boasts of seven pending patents will.

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