Thursday, February 25, 2016

Chris Kotowski – Banks Basically Have To Be Ready For The 100-year Flood Every Single Year; David Stockman – This Is The Largest Credit Bubble The World Has Ever Seen, The Entire Fed Should Resign

Bets On The Fed Going ‘Negative’ Are Soaring

The market appears to be losing complete faith in The Fed’s current narrative as bets on NIRP have reached record levels – with 2017 now more likely than 2016 (QE first?).

Fed to raise the bar in bank stress tests

Thirty-three bank holding companies with at least $50bn in assets will take the test this year, up from 31 last year. The newcomers are BancWest, a San Francisco-based bank owned by BNP Paribas, and the US unit of Canada’s TD Bank.
Submissions are due in April, and results will be published in June.
“Banks basically have to be ready for the 100-year flood every single year,” said Chris Kotowski, analyst at Oppenheimer & Co.
He likens the banking industry today to the tobacco industry in the 1980s, which was dominated by a handful of solidly profitable businesses throwing off lots of cash – but with limited growth prospects. “The banks’ business horizons are becoming increasingly constrained,” he said.

This Is The Largest Credit Bubble The World Has Ever Seen – The entire Fed should resign – David Stockman

Marc Faber – “I Would Rather Want To Own Some Solid Currency, In other Words Gold.”

Faber: “Leave a million dollars with a bank, & in a year, you get only something like $990,000 back”

Bill Holter – Negative Rates Guaranteed Loss – Buy Gold

If you go back & look at it on a chart, gold & silver began their upward movement right about the time Japan started negative interest rates. The big scare was the Fed is going to tighten. The Fed is going to tighten, which is ridiculous.

Willem Middelkoop – Global Economy Continues to De-Dollarize

Willem says he believes the bear market is over although there will be corrections & volatility along the way as precious metals prices move higher.

Steen Jakobsen – The End Of The Debt Cycle



As we’ve been watching closely, something is wrong with the big banks. Their shares have lost 25-33% of their market value since the beginning of the year. What’s going on?
New market storm could catch euro zone unprepared
Global market turmoil since the start of the year has helped set warning lights flashing in euro zone sovereign bond markets.

This Crash Will Be Bigger Than 2008 – Here’s Why
The world has never seen this & there is no one that knows the eventual consequences of this? This is desperation! The central banks have run out of ammunition & tools?all they have now is just talk.







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