Several voters in Kulai and Klang have claimed that they cannot vote as some other people have done so  in their names.

They are lodging complaints with the Election Commission (EC).

In Kulai, Chai Siew Pin, 42, arrived at the SJK(C) Batu polling station  at about 10am and found that her name had already been used.

“I am waiting for the agents of political parties to help me. I will fight for my rights," Chai said.

teo nie ching pc on parliamentary allocation 3Chai was later issued a Borang 10A by the EC officer who still did not allow her to vote.

When contacted at 3.10pm, she said: "I still cannot vote. I'm now making police report at Ayer Bemban police station."

Kulai DAP candidate Teo Nie Ching (right) said she has received five to six similar complaints and that the voters are waiting for her at her service centre.
Teo, the incumbent Serdang MP, said Liew Ah Moy went to SMK Kulai Besar at 10.30am, but that EC officers told her that she ‘has already voted’.

“When I checked Liew's fingers, there was no indelible ink mark,” Teo tweeted.
NONELiew (right), 70, has voted many times before and was shocked to find that she cannot vote today.
Eventually, Liew did not get to cast her ballot as the EC officer did not issue her with a Form 10A, which is issued when there is a dispute over identity, saying she would not be able to read the document even if she were given one.

Teo said another voter Chu Moi Moi, 74, was also not allowed to vote at SMK Kulai Besar, as the personnel on duty there claimed that she had already voted earlier.

The DAP candidate also said another voter Chong Mui Yoong, 52, was not allowed to vote at SMK Sultan Ibrahim as the EC also alleged that she had already voted earlier.

Teo said she has noted all the complaints including Liew’s and Chai’s.

She also claimed that the EC officer in SMK Kulai Besar told her that the polling station would be closed at 5pm sharp even if there are still some voters queuing, as those voters did not come early in the morning.

"The polling station has seen long queues of voters since this morning," said Teo.

In Klang, PKR’s Dr Xavier Jeyakumar tweeted that two voters have protested because others had voted in their names.

“Use Form 11 and allow the genuine voter to vote,” Xavier tweeted.