Power outages rarely get the attention of detectives. But a power outage on August 4th in Hudson is now under investigation by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

The outage lasted nearly two hours, leaving 6,000 people without electricity. At least 200 feet of copper wire was stolen from a substation owned by Withlacoochee River Electric.

Three people were captured on surveillance cameras stealing the copper. It may not be the first substation hit by the same group.

"It looks like they have targeted these substations. They've hit at least two," according to sheriff's spokesman Kevin Doll.

"We're all sitting here having breakfast, I'm working on my computer and all of a sudden all the lights went out," Sue Cowan recalled. Cowan manages the Gulf Coast Resort. Luckily, it was only breakfast that was interrupted. It could have been worse...

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