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Monsanto Now Owns Blackwater (Xe)

A report by Jeremy Scahill in The Nation (Blackwater’s Black Ops, 9/15/2010) revealed that the largest mercenary army in the world, Blackwater (now called Xe Services) clandestine intelligence services was sold to the multinational Monsanto. Blackwater was renamed in 2009 after becoming famous in the world with numerous reports of abuses in Iraq, including massacres of civilians. It remains the largest private contractor of the U.S. Department of State “security services,” that practices state terrorism by giving the government the opportunity to deny it.
Many military and former CIA officers work for Blackwater or related companies created to divert attention from their bad reputation and make more profit selling their nefarious services-ranging from information and intelligence to infiltration, political lobbying and paramilitary training – for other governments, banks and multinational corporations. According to Scahill, business with multinationals, like Monsanto, Chevron, and financial giants such as Barclays and Deutsche Bank, are channeled through two companies owned by Erik Prince, owner of Blackwater: Total Intelligence Solutions and Terrorism Research Center. These officers and directors share Blackwater.
One of them, Cofer Black, known for his brutality as one of the directors of the CIA, was the one who made contact with Monsanto in 2008 as director of Total Intelligence, entering into the contract with the company to spy on and infiltrate organizations of animal rights activists, anti-GM and other dirty activities of the biotech giant.
Contacted by Scahill, the Monsanto executive Kevin Wilson declined to comment, but later confirmed to The Nation that they had hired Total Intelligence in 2008 and 2009, according to Monsanto only to
keep track of “public disclosure” of its opponents. He also said that Total Intelligence was a “totally separate entity from Blackwater.”
However, Scahill has copies of emails from Cofer Black after the meeting with Wilson for Monsanto, where he explains to other former CIA agents, using their Blackwater e-mails, that the discussion with Wilson was that Total Intelligence had become “Monsanto’s intelligence arm,” spying on activists and other actions, including “our people to legally integrate these groups.” Total Intelligence Monsanto paid $ 127,000 in 2008 and $ 105,000 in 2009.
No wonder that a company engaged in the “science of death” as Monsanto, which has been dedicated from the outset to produce toxic poisons spilling from Agent Orange to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), pesticides, hormones and genetically modified seeds, is associated with another company of thugs.
Almost simultaneously with the publication of this article in The Nation, the Via Campesina reported the purchase of 500,000 shares of Monsanto, for more than $23 million by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which with this action completed the outing of the mask of “philanthropy.” Another association that is not surprising.
It is a marriage between the two most brutal monopolies in the history of industrialism: Bill Gates controls more than 90 percent of the market share of proprietary computing and Monsanto about 90 percent of the global transgenic seed market and most global commercial seed. There does not exist in any other industrial sector monopolies so vast, whose very existence is a negation of the vaunted principle of “market competition” of capitalism. Both Gates and Monsanto are very aggressive in defending their ill-gotten monopolies.
Although Bill Gates might try to say that the Foundation is not linked to his business, all it proves is the opposite: most of their donations end up favoring the commercial investments of the tycoon, not really “donating” anything, but instead of paying taxes to the state coffers, he invests his profits in where it is favorable to him economically, including propaganda from their supposed good intentions. On the contrary, their “donations” finance projects as destructive as geoengineering or replacement of natural community medicines for high-tech patented medicines in the poorest areas of the world. What a coincidence, former Secretary of Health Julio Frenk and Ernesto Zedillo are advisers of the Foundation.
Like Monsanto, Gates is also engaged in trying to destroy rural farming worldwide, mainly through the “Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa” (AGRA). It works as a Trojan horse to deprive poor African farmers of their traditional seeds, replacing them with the seeds of their companies first, finally by genetically modified (GM). To this end, the Foundation hired Robert Horsch in 2006, the director of Monsanto. Now Gates, airing major profits, went straight to the source.
Blackwater, Monsanto and Gates are three sides of the same figure: the war machine on the planet and most people who inhabit it, are peasants, indigenous communities, people who want to share information and knowledge or any other who does not want to be in the aegis of profit and the destructiveness of capitalism.
* The author is a researcher at ETC Group
Source: Pravda

After a Romney deal, profits and then layoffs

By the green-hued yardsticks of Wall Street, the 1990s buyout of an Illinois medical company by Mitt Romney's private equity firm was a spectacular success.
Romney's company, Bain Capital, sent in a team of 10 turnaround experts from Boston to ferret out waste, motivate executives and study untapped markets.
By the time the Harvard MBA's from Bain were finished, sales at the medical company, Dade International, had more than doubled. The business acquired two of its rivals. And Romney's firm collected $242 million, a return eight times its investment.
But an examination of the Dade deal shows the unintended human costs and messy financial consequences behind the brand of capitalism that Romney practiced for 15 years.
At Bain Capital's direction, Dade quadrupled the money it owed creditors and vendors. It took steps that propelled the business toward bankruptcy. And, in waves of layoffs, it cut loose 1,700 workers in the United States.
Romney's career at Bain Capital, which he owned and ran as chief executive, is a cornerstone of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination -- a credential, he argues, that showcases the management skills and business acumen America needs to revive a stalled economy. Creating jobs, Romney said, is exactly what he knows how to do.
The White House, though, is already preparing a less flattering portrayal, trying to frame Romney's record at Bain as evidence that he would pursue slash and burn economics and that his business career thrived by enriching the elite at the expense of the working class.
From 1984 to 1999, Romney and his deputies made fortunes by investing in, acquiring and then selling about 150 companies. It was high-stakes work that shaped Romney's values and views, taught him the art of salesmanship and negotiation and took him deep inside the boardrooms and factories of U.S. business.
Because financial data for many of the acquisitions are not publicly available, it is difficult to fully tally the wins and losses, the jobs created and the jobs eliminated on Romney's watch. But the experience with Dade, Bain's biggest transaction at the time, shows how Bain managed its investments, structuring deals so it would be hard for Romney and his partners not to come out ahead.
Bain and a small group of investors bought Dade in 1994 with mostly borrowed money, limiting their risk. They extracted cash from the company at almost every turn -- paying themselves nearly $100 million in fees, first for buying the company and then for helping to run it. Later, just after Romney stepped down from his role, Bain took $242 million out of the business in a transaction that, according to bankruptcy documents and several former Dade officials, weakened the company.
Even some people who benefited from that payday and found it reasonable at the time now question it.
"You would have to say, looking back, that it was too large, because it pushed us into bankruptcy," said Robert W. Brightfelt, a former Dade president who collected more than $1 million.
Bain Capital declined to comment specifically on the Dade acquisition, but cited a long history of improving companies' performance in both "good and challenging economic conditions." A campaign spokeswoman, Andrea Saul, defended Romney's tenure at Bain, saying that "while not every business was successful, the firm had an excellent overall track record and created jobs with well-known companies."


In the early 1990s, as the U.S. economy rebounded from a recession, the biggest names in the buyout business hungrily eyed Dade, then a little-known maker of medical technology based in Deerfield, Ill.
It was ripe for a takeover. Its main product, copy-machine-size units that ran blood tests in hospitals, laboratories and doctors' offices, was widely used but rife with problems. Dade's owner, the giant health care company Baxter International, was ready to dump its aging diagnostic division.
Bain impressed Baxter's management with its vision for how to fix the ailing business. Romney, who began Bain Capital in 1983, prided himself on turning around companies like Dade -- not just polishing them for sale, as their quick-buck Wall Street colleagues did.
It was the Bain Way, reflecting the firm's roots as a spinoff of the venerable consulting firm where Romney had been a star performer, Bain & Co. At 36, Romney was asked by the founder, William W. Bain Jr., to jump into the relatively new, risky and extraordinarily profitable business of private equity.
By marrying traditional financial engineering with management consulting, Bain Capital produced much higher returns than its rivals.
As Bain Capital expanded, Romney cut back his travel to the headquarters of companies, assigning to lower-level executives the task of scouring balance sheets and interviewing managers. But he reviewed the numbers and signed off on major acquisitions, like the Dade purchase.
"He certainly approved the deal, understood it, had presentations made to him regarding it," recalled Scott Garrett, Dade's chief executive at the time. "He became quite knowledgeable about the business."
In the waning days of 1994, a small group of investors led by Bain Capital, including Goldman Sachs, paid $450 million for Dade. Bain invested about $30 million.
In 1995, Bain officials debated whether Dade should buy a competitor, a diagnostics division of DuPont Medical Products that owned technology vital to Dade's future. Some Bain executives advocated quickly selling off Dade for a tidy profit. Others counseled patience, arguing that Bain could collect even more by investing in the company for a few years.
Romney, in Bain's boardroom in Boston, listened intently to both sides and rendered a verdict: Dade should acquire the DuPont unit. Romney "wanted to double down on Dade," Garrett recalled.B
In back-to-back acquisitions, Dade bought the DuPont diagnostics division in 1996 and a German medical testing company, Behring, in 1997, whose products replaced or improved upon Dade's.
Renamed Dade Behring, it became an industry leader, just as Bain Capital had intended. With its overseas acquisition, the company's labor force swelled to 7,400 workers. The business invested in and refined products that became widely used.


From 1995 to 1998, Dade's annual sales rose to $1.3 billion from $614 million. Its assets grew to $1.5 billion from $551 million. But another number was climbing just as fast -- Dade's long-term liabilities, which surged to $816 million from $298 million.
Cost-cutting became a mantra inside the company. Many workers did not leave on their own terms. Executives involved in the decisions said that to make Dade a success, they had combined companies in need of overhaul. And the mergers created redundant work forces that had to be winnowed.
"It's not done because they love cutting jobs," said Mark Wolsey-Paige, a former senior vice president at Dade. "It ultimately made those companies stronger."


By 1998, Romney and his restless colleagues at Bain began looking for a way to cash out of the firm's investment in Dade.
A hefty offer arrived. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., a rival buyout firm, proposed buying Dade Behring for $1.9 billion, according to documents filed in the bankruptcy case. But Bain executives rejected it, disappointed by the price, the documents indicate.
Bain settled on a common tactic in private equity: It pushed Dade to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars in April 1999 to buy half of Bain's shares in the company -- and half of those of its investment partners.
Bain pocketed the $242 million. Goldman received $121 million. Top Dade executives got $55 million, records show. The total payout to shareholders reached $420 million -- nearly as much as the purchase price for Dade.
The money was hard to resist, acknowledged Brightfelt, the former Dade president. "We were all glad to get some cash out," he said, "and we thought we deserved it."
A few months before the payout, in February 1999, Romney retired from Bain Capital to oversee the Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. He nevertheless benefited from the transaction, a financial disclosure form indicates. It shows that until at least 2001, he owned 16.5 percent of the Bain Capital partnership responsible for the Dade investment.
Even as the investors prospered, Dade cut 367 more jobs in 1999, documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission show.
The strategy that Bain put in place, executives said, as painful as it was with plant closings and layoffs, had ultimately worked. The bankruptcy "does muddy the story," said Wolsey-Paige, the former Dade executive. "Overall," he said, "it was very positive."

Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting In Meredith New Hampshire

8 tr. in Gold vs. 750 tr. in derivatives

Barack Obama's Administration Says They Are Going to KILL THE US DOLLAR!!!


Settlers stone Palestinian school kids in Hebron

Mossad seeks Chinese speakers

Itamar Eichner
Spy agency’s latest job opening gives preference to candidates with command of Chinese, Persian
Do you speak Chinese? If so, Israel’s Mossad needs you.
Recently, the spy agency put up a job posting on its website for a strategic researcher. The post will require the suitable candidate to formulate and analyze intelligence assessments, write position papers and draft updates and recommendations for the benefit of policy-makers.
The job requirements include a degree in Mideastern Affairs, international relations, political science or a similar field, analysis skills, excellent expression abilities in Hebrew and English, and willingness to work under high pressure conditions.
However, the ad notes that preference will be given to Chinese, Arabic and Persian speakers. Experience in intelligence work is also a plus.
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CO - Number of homeless families increasing

Homeless advocates say more and more families are in Garrett’s shoes, and even in a community known for its generosity, there’s not enough help to go around. For years Teresa McLaughlin, the director of Pikes Peak Homeless Outreach focused her efforts on the homeless camps of Colorado Springs, where single men and women tried to eke out an existence by living in tents.

Now, joining this group of homeless people are those like Garrett, who have suddenly lost their jobs, who can’t pay their utilities bills and who have lost their homes. “White collar people are now starting to get into that situation,” McLaughlin said. “You see a few upper middle as well as lower class … It’s everybody, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

The newly homeless family wind up on the streets unfamiliar with programs that can help them get a roof over their heads. The winter months are the busiest for organizations like McLaughlin’s, when the cold drives families to shelters in lieu of car-camping.

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Home loan protesters disrupt two Antioch banks

Business at two Antioch banks was disrupted Friday by protesters demanding help for two homeowners who haven't been able to pay their mortgage.
About three dozen members and supporters of a grass roots social justice organization went to the Bank of America and Wells Fargo Bank branches on Somersville Road asking officials there to intervene on behalf of an elderly Antioch woman who lost her home just days ago as well as a Concord couple that received an eviction notice last month.
Holding signs and chanting, they asked employees to fax a letter to the banks' chief executive officers insisting that the companies work with these people they had victimized with their "predatory lending practices."
Bank of America refused and called the police, who dispersed the crowd by warning that they would be arrested if they didn't leave, said John Adams, local director of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment.
The crowd then walked to Wells Fargo, where the branch manager agreed to fax the plea to rescind its foreclosure on Eva Cader, a 78-year-old Antioch woman who was evicted Jan. 3 while trying to obtain a loan modification, Adams said.
Although the Bank of America branch didn't comply with the group's request, its manager discovered she knew Jessi Koritz, a small-business owner who frequents the Concord branch where she used to work.
The woman promised she would bring his case to the attention of those who might be able to forestall his eviction and modify the terms of his loan.
Grappling with financial setbacks from a job loss and workplace injuries, Koritz and his wife, Pamela, have been struggling to keep the first home they have owned for most of the 5½ years they have been in it.
"We're just trying to live the American dream," said Koritz, who hasn't made a mortgage payment since July 2008.
He initially had tried to renegotiate the loan but says the bank told him it couldn't do anything unless he was delinquent.
Although Koritz is reluctant to pin his hopes on Bank of America having a change of heart, Adams says he's optimistic because of what the groundswell of opposition to lending practices already has accomplished.
"We're acting on the knowledge that this is happening across the country," he said. "People are shining a light on their case and -- lo and behold -- the bank will take a look and end up working something out."
That's exactly what Bank of America has been doing, said media relations director Britney Sheehan, noting that the company has made more Home Affordable Modification Program loans than any other lender.
The bank has processed about 200,000 of those loans in California alone since the housing crisis began in 2008, she said.
Moreover, Bank of America works with nonprofits like the housing counseling agency NACA to prevent foreclosures and has opened dozens of customer assistance centers in the hardest hit housing markets around the country -- it's opening one in San Mateo in the next few weeks -- where homeowners can talk to mortgage specialists about their loan, Sheehan said.
It's not in the bank's interest for customers to lose their homes, she said.
"While some would have the public believe that banks make a profit on foreclosures and evictions, the truth is that the process is tremendously costly for all parties," she said.

Playthings of the Gods






















Let's say you live in a village.  In this village, the only source of water is the community well.  However, the well is going dry and your fellow villagers are quite concerned.  Now let's say that, one day, you go out for a walk and you decide to go climb a hill that, for whatever reason, no one has ever climbed before.  On the other side of the hill, you find a natural spring with pure clean water - more than your village could ever want. Now, we want to look at two possible scenarios for how you could handle this discovery.  One scenario we will call "The Natural Way" and the second scenario we will call "The American Way":
In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call all the people and tell them,  "Our water problems are solved!  Just over that hill is a natural spring with more water than we will ever need and it even tastes better than the water from the old well.  Here, I brought some back.  Try it!
Everyone is thrilled and you begin to discuss some plan to maybe make some pipe or something so that you will not need to climb the hill to get the water and stuff like that.
This is the "Natural Way"
In this scenario, you scoop up some water and go back to the village and call the people and tell them,  "Look what I have here - fresh clean water - try some."
And they are all happy and ask, "Where is the water so we can use it to save our village?"  But then you say, "That information is classified and a trade secret.  What I gave you was a free sample, however, I am now 'the water company' and, if you want water so you can continue to live, you must pay me - in advance."
So now the people of the village are giving you money.  With that money, you can hire some of the people to go get water and bring it back for the desperate villagers.  However, your "trade secret" is fragile because, if anyone learns about the spring on the other side of the hill, the people will go get their water for free and you will be out of business - and that may well be the least of your trouble.  So, you must carefully choose people for your "company" and make sure they are sworn to secrecy.  You can offer your faithful employees incentives to keep quiet like free water for them and their families and even extra water just to waste.
As your profits increase, you can afford to spend more money on security.  First, you will want to use psychological techniques to make sure that no regular people from the village ever get the notion to climb the hill.  You will want to start rumors that some monster lives on the other side of the hill and that anyone who goes there will be gobbled up and never return.  Now, just in case someone does not believe you, you will need to hire some snipers to hide close to the top of the hill.  If anyone looks like they are getting close to discovering your "trade secret", the snipers are to kill them and throw them in a hole on the other side of the hill - people will be told that "the monster must have got them".
As time goes on and your profits grow, now that you have more money than you will ever need, you look to other neat things you can do.  With your money, you can take over the press and the education system.  People will be instructed that you are now "the god of water" and that you have always existed and see all and know all, etc.  The school books will be rewritten so that kids will be taught this.  If you encounter dissent, well there is always the hole on the other side of the hill and the "monster story" to explain disappearances.
You can also now afford to do nice things every once and a while to make people like you such as giving free water to starving poor people who can't afford to pay you - but just enough to barely keep them alive.
Also, you may want to consider your faithful employees.  Of course, you will have trained security people to watch them and make sure they remain faithful.  However, a better way to cultivate loyalty is with special perks others do not have.  In the village, water is precious to the desperate people because they do not know the truth.  However, you could not care less about water because you have more than you will ever need.  So, why not be totally decadent!
You can construct a "recreation center" for your employees with a swimming pool and spa so that they can have fun and waste all the water they want.  Later, you can expand this to a "secret village" located on your side of the hill where those loyal to you will enjoy every luxury while the regular people in the original village will suffer and beg for mercy as you consistently raise the price of your water.
This is the "American Way"


COMMON SENSE Today's young people have no trouble at all accepting a world filled with technology such as communications satellites and instant communication from anywhere to anywhere with a tiny cell phone.  However, all of this stuff is very very recent history.  If you look back in history, does it not strike you as strange that the people of Earth went from riding horses and reading by candles or kerosene lanterns to our current world of going on trips to the moon and being surrounded by every conceivable type of electronic gadget in less than one generation?
From the perspective of history, this is very strange.  Look at the length of time other evolutionary learning processes took.  Nothing like this has ever happened before.  So, common sense should tell you that there is a missing part to this story - something that would explain this unprecedented jump in technical evolution.
In the early 1940's, a decision was made to "take a chance" with the people of Earth and to provide them with certain "seed knowledge" that they could use to raise their developmental level to a point where they would become an entrance level advanced civilization and be able to interact with other advanced civilizations from other parts of the physical universe.  Essentially every technology we enjoy today was derived in some way from this seed knowledge
So, representatives came to Earth to deliver the seed knowledge and discuss the potential and future evolution of the people of the Earth.
The seed knowledge was not free.  In order to obtain it, the representatives of Earth had to agree that the knowledge was to be used for the benefit of the all the peoples of the Earth to promote their positive evolution and development.  The Earth representatives were made aware that the seed knowledge did have a potential for abuse.  They were required to promise not to do this and they were also warned that there would be penalties if the knowledge was used in any manner other than the positive and constructive manner they had agreed.
It was explained to the representatives of Earth that violations of this agreement would result in punishments and sanctions and could possibly make it necessary for the providers of the knowledge to correct their mistake by destroying the planet Earth to protect the peace of the Universe and comply with Universal Laws.
It was also explained to the Earth representatives - as they progressed - that nuclear detonations cause disruptions in space time which can be detected by any advanced civilization and traced back to their source planet.  They are considered bad form and should not be done.
Unfortunately, Earth scientists got  interested in the time distortion side effect of a nuclear detonation and - trying to get the secrets of time - kept blowing up bombs until they figured it out and then quickly got a world ban on new explosions in order to keep others from learning what they had.
Obviously, Earth has not become the global advanced civilization that was intended.  In fact, the Earth representatives chose to break all of their agreements and use the seed knowledge to set up a global dictatorship which is commonly called the New World Order.  If they had kept their agreement, the general population of earth would not know poverty or disease and would be free to travel and visit other advanced civilizations throughout the universe by this point in time.  This was the hope and intent when the seed knowledge was handed over.  However, as with any gamble, sometimes you do not get what you want despite your best efforts.


INTRODUCTION COMPARTMENTALIZATION is a method of information control designed to create groups of people in varying degrees of intellectually challenged states.  It is a mind control system which allows a set of bosses [who designed the system and so are allowed to know everything] to control the remainder of the population by allowing them to know only what they "need to know" to do their respective slave jobs to serve the ruling bosses.
There were similar systems of control long before modern government sponsored compartmentalization came into existence.
Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, designed a system of levels [with himself as the boss, of course] and is quoted as giving out instructions to his "higher" followers for recruitment of "lower" followers as follows:
"These good folk swell our numbers and fill our money-box.  Set yourselves to work; these gentlemen must be made to nibble at the bait ... but this sort of people must always be made to believe that the grade they have reached is the last."
This basic model is common to modern government sponsored compartmentalization systems as well as those used by various religions, cults, and secret societies.
All of these groups obtain their energy - usually in the form of money - from the lower levels of the group who are generally good and well meaning people who have no idea what the leadership is doing with their money but assume it must be something good.  Churches and cults scare money out of their followers with threats about punishment in the "afterlife".  Governments, of course, just order people to pay taxes and deal with them by force if they refuse.  However, in all cases, money is extracted from the lower levels and sent to the higher levels so that the people in the higher levels can have every luxury they want at the expense of the lower levels.
In the US System, ordinary people have no idea that everything they do is, directly or indirectly, for the benefit of the group we call "gods".  They do not know that this group exists.
Huxley's classic book "Brave New World" describes a system of population control where most people are chemically damaged to make them suitable for some level of slavery.  The master class consists of people who are not damaged, i.e., people who are allowed to develop unique personalities and have independent thought.  They are equivalent to the "gods" in the "New World Order" model.  The people in our model who are "below the gods" do not have to be grown in test tubes and damaged with chemicals as they are in Huxley's novel to be functional slaves - they simply have to be given an inferior education.  This works just as well.  We even publicly recognize this when we use terms such as "blue collar" and "white collar" to separate classes or "casts" of people based upon level of education.
The major levels of the system are (1) The gods, (2) The Top Secret Group and (3) The Compartment Group.  Basically, the Compartment Group "houses" the general population who do the general jobs needed to maintain social infrastructure.  The Top Secret Group consists of "executive level slaves" who control the Compartment Group.  Most people in the Compartment Group do not know that the Top Secret Group exists.  At the top we have the group of "gods".  They live free of all controls and are allowed to know all available knowledge and are provided with every conceivable luxury.  Their existence is generally unknown to the two lower groups.
The compartment group is symbolized by the cross hatch pattern to represent the "intellectual boxes" in which these people live.  They probably do not realize that they live in an "information cage" from which they cannot escape.  As stated by
Adam Weishaupt, they are conditioned to believe that "the grade they have reached is the last".  They are happy because they do not know anything better exists.
Most people in the Compartment Group are so stupid that there is no reason for the government to pay any attention to them.  Therefore, they are not even looked at and form the "not evaluated" level.
Above them is the level of people who may have some capacity for independent thought who must be "checked out".  If hired to do something related to government they are coded "black" for "no security clearance" but they have been checked out to make sure they are no threat.
The two levels above this are Confidential and Secret.  The color code used on government ID badges is blue for confidential and red for Secret clearance.  Confidential and Secret clearances involve information which is "temporary".  For example, the combination to a safe may be a secret but it is not permanent - if you leave your job the combination can be changed and you will no longer know it.  Therefore, as a function of time you are gradually "relieved" of your secrecy oath simply because the secrets you once knew no longer exist.  Certain secret codes also change periodically and so you are only bound by your secrecy oath while the codes you know are current.
The fundamental difference between the compartment group and the top secret group is the permanence of the information.  Top Secrets are generally information which the government never intends that the general population will ever know.  Consequently, Top Secret clearances require an oath that the person will "never leave the service of the government" and will be bound by his oath of secrecy for life.
Examples of knowledge and events that you would never be allowed to talk freely about would be contact with aliens, time travel, information about other planets [detailed information like you would have if you were actually there], the underground cities and installations, and anything about the "gods".
Even though people in the top secret group must take the most serious oath of secrecy, they do not necessarily know all that much.  There are 15 levels of  Top Secret and, following the Weishaupt model, people in the Top Secret group are conditioned to believe that whatever level they are [TS1 - TS15] is the highest level there is.
For example, if you interview a person with a security clearance and ask, "Do you have a security clearance?" they are trained to say "Yes".  But, when you ask "What level?", they are trained to answer "The Best".  This is because they believe that whatever they have is "the best".  So, now you have to guess the level.  So, you may say, "Is it Q?".  If you guess the correct level they are supposed to confirm it.  This is the little game you play when making a new contact.
In the Top Secret Group there are mainly intelligence people like G2, MI6 and the like and others whose job - like scientists - is not in intelligence work.  Intelligence uses a green stripe on their ID badges and Q uses a yellow stripe.
Code Word Clearances
In addition to the main 15 levels, there are special clearances called "Code Word Clearances".  These clearances create special working groups in unique areas whose members share a set of "code words" to communicate information to each other.  People in different "code word groups" would have a different set of words common to that group which would not be recognized by other groups.
By example, a friend of mine knew a famous doctor.  He had won awards and international recognition for his research on the eye using dogs for destructive testing.  My friend saw him at a party and, it so happened, she had a sick dog with some kind of eye trouble.  She approached the man and asked his advice since he was so famous for his dog research.  She was speechless when he replied, "Dogs? - I don't know anything about dogs.  We don't use dogs.  We use niggers. Niggers are better than dogs."  DOGS was a code word for black people.  In this way the doctor was able to "operate in plain sight" and even receive public awards for his research.  Of course, people with code word clearance knew what "dogs" really meant and what was really going on but the general public was clue less.  This is how code word clearance works in everyday life.
The gods are the main subject of this book and we will get into much greater detail about them later.  At the present, we want to go over some misconceptions you may have when you look at the schematic model for compartmentalization.  Although there is a progression from the bottom to the top where we label "gods", this system is not a "social ladder" that you can climb if you have persistence.  This is a control system.  It is designed to keep you where you are.  It is not designed to encourage you to progress and reward you with higher status for your good efforts.
The gods are not people who were once ordinary people.  Most of them are from ruling bloodlines who, in the past, considered themselves to have "the divine right of kings" by virtue of birth into certain families.  They have always contemplated making the Earth into a global dictatorship.  When they learned of the "seed knowledge" they set about creating a scheme to violate the agreements and use the knowledge for their personal benefit and for world domination in violation of the Universal Laws.  Although there are exceptions, in general you cannot buy your way into this group with money or anything else.  Membership is a birth right.  You must be born into a family of gods to become a god.  Nothing else matters.
The gods are equal among themselves.  They are above "security clearances" and knowledge control and are allowed to know all that is currently available to know.  They live "above the game" which they created and are the "game masters" watching the general population fumble around in the maze [or matrix] they created for their personal needs and enjoyment.
"Comfortable Clothes" is the general code word for these people.  When you "agree to put on the comfortable clothes" you leave the general population of the Earth forever and enter the special world of the gods.  There is no return from this.


BELIEF SYSTEMS are sort of fairy tales that are used as a substitute for reality when (1) reality is not known or (2) reality is preferred not to be known.  Although a belief system may be a logical construct, it is not necessarily true.  Truth has no relationship to logic.  Logical constructs can be designed to prove anything.  The classic example is the science which "proves" that a bumble bee cannot possibly fly.  Clearly, the bumble bee lives in a different belief system because it seems to have no trouble at all flying around.  Essentially all the population of Earth lives under one or more of many belief systems.
The Catholic belief system is a good religious example because there is documentation available on them and their exploits have recently become popular with the press and the US court system.  Let's take a look at this belief system.
The Sex Sub-System
We may as well begin with the sex sub-system since that is what Catholic Priests have become known for in recent history.  To understand the sex sub-system, first realize that the Catholic Church is simply a continuation of the Roman Empire.  When it was realized that the Roman Empire could not take over the world by military power, it converted itself into the Catholic Church and set about taking over the world by scaring people into obeying it with its special take on religious truth.  This approach has been quite successful although the church must share power with other religions using similar methods.
Now, in the Roman Empire, there was a belief system concerning men and women.  In this belief system, women were considered a secondary creation and therefore inferior to men.  Consequently, it was considered wrong to have sex with a woman for fun because she was an inferior being like a dog or a goat or whatever.  Therefore, when a man wanted sex for fun he should choose his equal for his partner, i.e., another man.  And, just like men today prefer young women, the Roman men preferred young boys for sex partners.  This was considered the correct way to do things at that time.  Sex with the inferior women was considered occasionally necessary so she could make more people to keep society going.  Women generally stayed pregnant from about 12 years old until they died or lived long enough to reach menopause (rare).
Today, there is a legal problem with this belief system because our society considers raping young boys to be a crime.  However, the Catholic Priesthood does not live under the rules of the modern world.  They live under the rules of the Roman Empire.  And, their activities are protected by church secrecy.  Their very way of life depends on following their ancient beliefs and rituals and to change would spell and end to their collective identity as priests.  Therefore, no matter how much trouble they get into for raping children, they are going to continue to find a way to do it.  They will just get better at keeping it a secret form outsiders.  In the past, they were protected by an "aura of goodness" which presumed that a priest could do no wrong.  Since that is shattered now, more direct methods will need to be employed so that they can continue "business as usual".
Incidentally, many "primitive" cultures operating in the world today still use the belief system about women being a secondary creation and therefore inferior to men.  It is really only in the United States that the women's liberation idea has taken hold.
Blind Faith Sub-System
Until relatively recently in Catholic history, sermons were given in Latin.  This is really weird.  The "bell rings" and you report to church to hear some priest talk for an hour or so in a language you can't understand and then you turn over 10% of your money to him as payment for his "service".  What did you learn to enhance your spiritual advancement by listening to Latin for one hour?  Why is this worth 10% of your money.  Well, you do not consider these questions because this is a belief system and a belief system is based on raw belief and nothing else.  You are not supposed to question your belief.
Recent Pope History
The Catholic Church elects a "god" periodically which it calls the Pope.  The last Pope was John Paul II.  When John Paul was a young man, he worked for a chemical company.  He was the salesman who sold the cyanide to Hitler for the gas chambers. [For documentation please see "Behold A Pale Horse" by William Cooper].  Now we step ahead to Pope Benedict.  He is not just someone who helped the Nazis - he is a for real Nazi.  He joined the Hitler Youth at age 14 or so as reported by the national news.  Of course, both of these "good men" were duly elected as "gods" and now they want to hurry up and make John Paul a "saint".
Buy what stretch of the imagination do we conclude that there is anything remotely spiritual or "godly" about a guy who sold Hitler his poison gas chemicals or his Nazi successor form the Hitler Youth group.  It is said that Benedict is "strong defender of the faith".  I guess he is.  He's a Nazi.  Remember, "master race", "rightful rulers of the world", etc.  Come on!
Catholic Level of Spirituality
We are going to talk a bit about Spirituality - legitimate Spirituality - because it is very real and important to all souls.  Just because most churches are run buy assorted quacks, nuts and weirdoes does not mean that the for real GOD does not exist or that we should not seek Spiritual Enlightenment.  It is important to seek Spirituality.  It is your duty as a Human Being to do this. Animals do not have this inclination or ability but you do and to make best use of it is the true purpose of human existence.
Having cleared that up, let's look and see what - if any - Spiritual goodies the Catholic Church has to offer.
The above diagram is the Catholic schematic model for its "path to heaven".  The vertical line represents the path and the semicircle to the right at the top represents the end of the path.  The "X" is a symbol used for a gate.  Since there is only one gate in the model, this is a path to some location on the right (good) side of the Astral Plane.  So, this is a psychic path.  It is not Spiritual.  To reach the Spiritual realm you need to go thru at least two more gates - to the Causal and then to the Mental-Etheric Plane.  After that you must cross a barrier (which usually requires a competent guide) to get into the Spiritual zone.  So, there is nothing great about this path.  Once you die you must go to some Astral plane because there is no other place you can go to [unless you are Spiritually advanced and can get above the Astral Plane somewhere].  Even dead people who are earthbound running around graveyards or haunting houses are technically on the first Astral sub plane.  So getting to "somewhere" on the Astral Plane is automatic for most people even if the have no type of religious training at all. The Astral Plane contains about 100 sub planes and these sub planes also have sub planes.  These are sometimes called "groves".  When you spend your life in some belief system which conditions you to believe that "heaven is like this" the force of the group imagination creates such a place somewhere on the Astral Plane.  When you die you go there and your desires are fulfilled.  All garden variety religions have such a place on the Astral Plane.  The concept of "groves" or compartments means that they never meet each other.  Baptists would gather and believe that "they made it to heaven" but the "other religions" must have been false and those people must be burning in hell because they are not there with them.  But the other groups are there, in their own little "grove" and they feel the same way - that they "made it" and the others did not.  Since you can instantly create your desires with imagination on this plane, most souls are convinced that they are happily in heaven forever.  Eventually, the time comes when their "heavenly buddies" can't find them.  This is because they have reincarnated and must now "do it all again" and hopefully make a more realistic choice in how to find true Spirituality.  Those who achieve this do not have to return to the physical creation.
So, basically, you would probably be much better off if you just led a decent life and never heard of the Catholic belief system because you would not be conflicted with all of their out of date teachings not to mention the trauma of possibly being raped as a kid.  You would most likely reach a higher level after death without their "help".
Cults are "custom made" belief systems that are generally designed to indoctrinate followers with some seemingly logical construct which makes them want to stay with the cult and obey and follow the leader.  A certain level of skill is required to be a successful cult leader because you cannot force people to stay with you - you must somehow convince them that they need you or scare them somehow into not leaving you.  Of course, you will want money and services from the followers.
Psychiatric groups are generally sponsored by governments.  Therefore, they do not need to con people into following them.  They have the authority to force people to obey them and to brainwash them into obedience with mind control drugs.  Although the general psychiatric language remains the same throughout the world, how it is interpreted does not.  For example, a young girl in Saudi would be considered abnormal if she wanted a barbie doll but a young girl in America would be considered abnormal if she did not want a barbie doll.  The old Soviet Union loved psychiatry because it could call anyone who did not "love the party" abnormal and then torture them until they changed their mind as "treatment" for their "illness".
One main hallmark of cults is some scheme to control sex.  If you can control someone's sex desire you can control that person.  Therefore, it will be found that cults have worked up some belief system saying that followers should give up sex.  Psychiatrists simply use drugs to make people under their control incapable of having or enjoying sex.
An interesting recent development in the United States is the attempt to use this classic cult technique on the general population by threatening them with death if they have sex.  Now that the US Government has successfully spread the AIDS virus that it developed and manufactured at Fort Detrick, MD. around the world, it can argue that "if you sleep around you will surely die" and so you "should be celibate if you want to live". This argument is straight out of "how to make a cult 101".  Of course, all the "important people" have been vaccinated with the antidote to AIDS so they are free to have all the sex they want with no worry.  Visions of the "Junior Anti-Sex League" from 1984.  You can't have them but the "inner party" members can.
Genetic based belief systems argue that a certain group with a common genetic trait is "special" and apart from "ordinary people" who do not share this specific genetic sub code.  Let's look at some examples:
Hitler's System
Hitler's system argued that blue eyed blondes were the "master race" and should rightfully rule the world.  Although, mainly due to the concept of political correctness since the US champions integration and race equality, people look down on Hitler's argument that blue eyed blondes were somehow superior, it should be noted that the United States used the same genetic selection system when it was fighting Hitler.  If you go back and find some color pictures of men in the US Navy during the late 1940's to early 1950's you will find that they are ALL blue eyed blondes.  And, they are not just blue eyed but are the special "azure blue" which sort of shines as if it was lit up.  There are no exceptions. People do not seen to realize that the different US armed forces were populated with specific genetic types before the services were ordered integrated.  The Air Force also liked the Hitler model SS genetics [incidentally, the "SS" is a schematic symbol for the double helix of the DNA molecule].  The Army was for the "lower genetic classes" which means brown eyes and not necessarily white skin.
The Jewish System
When the bodies we use on this planet were being manufactured, the different races were created for different specialties.  The Jewish race was programmed with a predisposition for administrative jobs like accounting, working with money and so on.  Somehow, as time passed, this became interpreted to mean that "god" [by which is apparently meant the genetic engineers from the Orion Empire who wrote the codes and made original people] "gave the world to them".  Hitler knew about this special sub code and, since he had decided that his chosen genetic type should rightfully rule the world, obviously he wanted to make the competition extinct.  It is because of this belief system that Jews are taught to bread within their race and so preserve the special sub code.  It is also why they do not actively seek to convert people to their religion.  You cannot "make someone a Jew" because they must be born with this sub code in order to be really a Jew.
Sub codes in the ruling bloodlines of the world
The ruling families or ruling bloodlines of the world also seek to inbreed to preserve special genetic sub codes which they feel make them special or give them special powers that others do not have.  It is essentially impossible to rise beyond a point in the power structure of the world without coming from one of these special ruling bloodlines.  You could call it a sort of "genetic glass ceiling".  The ruling bloodlines are above it and the rest of humanity is below it and there is no inclination to change things.
By example, in the recent election for US President, George Bush and John Kerry were cousins.  They were from the same bloodline.  It did not matter who you voted for - either way that bloodline would rule.  It is very doubtful that Bush and Kerry do not know they are cousins.  They are probably fast friends and meet at "family reunions".  If US news people were watching some other country where the only two people running for leader were some guy and his cousin, you can bet they would be crying about how this was not legitimate and fair and so on.  But, the press know to behave themselves when talking about this country and so you never heard a peep about this fact and you probably did not know it until just now!
Effect of Genetic Engineering on the Sub Code Concept
In the past, the only way to duplicate a genetic trait was to mate in the usual way with an appropriate person.  However, with nanotechnology, scientists can sit down and hand assemble a molecule - which means that they can hand assemble a DNA molecule and write any code into it that they want.  So, this sort of "cheapens" the concept  that you are somehow of great value because you are from some special bloodline since the codes that are supposed to make you so special can now be made in the lab.  Also, by tinkering, you might manufacture a new person with some revolutionary special power or special predisposition.  The alien genetic engineers had no trouble doing that tens of thousands of years ago and we now have or will soon have the equivalent abilities.  So, this puts a whole new slant on the "superior by reason of genetics" concept.
Not very long ago, US money was "real' because it was backed up by gold.  Now, US currency is called "fiat" which means "faith based imaginary currency".  It has value only because people believe it has value.  It is purely and simply a belief system that gives value to the various pieces of paper that the government prints.  As long as everyone accepts the money belief system, it works just as well as the real system based on a real substance [gold] as opposed to imagination.  However, should it occur to people to ask "where's the beef", they would find themselves with hands full of worthless paper because there is no "beef".
Obviously, faith is harder to maintain than hard reality.  Someone would be hard pressed to accept the argument that a block of gold was worthless crap.  However, should someone argue that US currency is worthless crap it would be hard to logically argue against them since it is imaginary and has nothing backing it but blind faith.  In order to stabilize this belief system, it is important that people are conditioned to "just not ask" but "accept on faith" that "everything is fine".  Consequently, anyone who tried to "undermine the faith" would be a threat to the nation and would have to be quickly dealt with to "preserve the faith".
The plan to convert from real currency to imaginary currency appears to be inherently sinister as supported by the following quote:
Edward Mandell House had this to say in a private meeting with Woodrow Wilson (President) [1913-1921]
“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a National system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.  By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will affect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency.  Every American will be forced to register or suffer not being able to work and earn a living.  They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.  Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges.  They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be non the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two would figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability.  After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges.  This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor or to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.”  Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner; every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.  The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”
Once you have established a belief system, you must maintain it.  There must be some method to constantly reinforce the belief or it will gradually weaken and fade away.  There are various ways to do this.  Also, there are static and dynamic belief systems.
Static systems, such as many church systems, cling ot a set of beliefs from long ago no matter how much the real world changes.  Because of this, sometimes they die out of attrition.  But, some seem to hang on.
Dynamic belief systems, such as the US consciousness belief system, are always changing.  Today's belief is not the same as a past time belief.  It is sort of like the "1984" model where you are at war with one country and love the other one day and the reverse is true the next day.  Incidentally, if you have not read this classic novel by George Orwell, you really should.
Using the US belief system as an example, some principles completely reverse.  By example, in the 1950's, the only people allowed to have knowledge of the female reproductive system were doctors.  They were forbidden to tell women anything about how their body worked.  Vice squad agents would send pregnant undercover officers to doctors and they would beg to be told how to avoid becoming pregnant again.  If the doctor said anything, he was busted.
Today, we have the reverse.  Grade school kids get sex-ed.  The schools pass out condoms. There is an abortion clinic on almost every corner and 25% of pregnant girls kill their babies.
In the US, the belief system is maintained by the daily mass media news.  Every day, there are five or six news stories that are used by everyone.  You may find it strange that thousands of "independent" TV and Radio stations and print media companies just happen to report the same set of stories every day.  Anyway, this "information fix" keeps you locked into the US belief system for another day - until your next "news fix".  It has been suggested that, if something somehow went wrong with the mass media so that it stopped operating, the US government would quickly loose control of the people and possibly would not be able to regain control.  If mass media stopped, people would have to resort to independent thought to decide what to believe and what to do.  Once they learned how to do this again, it could be difficult to "recapture" them.
Belief systems go hand in hand with compartmentalization.  Belief systems create a compartment and compartments created by compartmentalization develop internal belief systems.
Belief systems cause followers to voluntarily limit their life activities.  Church systems teach followers that they are "chosen" and the rest of the world is not so people limit their relationships to members of that specific system so as not to get "tainted by the non believers".  They may also have weird dietary and other obsessive compulsive habits that they feel they must have to be "saved".
Government SCI groups [sensitive compartmentalized intelligence] may drift so far away from "normal reality" that the only people they can relate to are their coworkers.  Remote viewers, for example, would have trouble relating to everyday people and getting them to understand the things they know assuming they were allowed to talk about them [which they are not].  Therefore, their only friends would be fellow members of their "belief system".  Hopefully, the government trains some girls to be remote viewers so the guy viewers would have a chance to have some type of normal home life.  Otherwise, their uninitiated mate would eventually leave them.




Destructive testing is the process of obtaining information about something in which the "something" does not survive the test but the needed information is obtained.  For example, if you want to know how much weight a concrete beam will support, you keep putting weight on it until it breaks.  This ruins the concrete beam but it gives you the information which you can now use to assign specifications to equivalent concrete beams which are not broken so that they will not break in use. Human destructive testing means doing experiments on people which will kill the people but will give you information you are seeking about humans which you can then use to help [or maybe hurt] other humans which you predict will respond in a similar manner.  You justify the killing of a few to advance medicine for the many.
It used to be unthinkable to do such a thing.  Researchers were supposed to use lab rats and the like to get information.  All this changed when Hitler started herding people into his camps.  Since he was going to kill them anyway, the thought occurred to the German pharmaceutical companies to use these people as test animals instead of the usual lab rats.
One drug developed using human destructive testing was a prescription face cream mainly used by women.  It contains an acid and is used to create a smoother complexion by basically "eating away" a layer of skin.  It is still used today.  In the research, the drug company wanted to know how much acid to use in the formula.  So, they made up batches with different concentrations and took them to one of Hitler's camps.  Then, they brought in the first set of test girls - oops - too much acid - face came off - throw them in the furnace and bring in the next set of girls.  This went on until the right mix was obtained by trial and error.  Many women use this cream today and it is very doubtful that they know how the formula was perfected.  Apparently, many other drugs and medical procedures were perfected using destructive testing on the people in the camps.
You won't see people on TV praising Hitler for his accomplishments in medicine, but it is a different story in private.  I have been to private gatherings where doctors have nothing but praise for Hitler for being the first to dare to use humans in experiments and how he advanced science with his experiments.  They absolutely love the man.  And, after he "showed the way" to the fast track for the accumulation of medical knowledge, others got the word quickly.
Obviously, it is a crime to pick up people off the street and kill them to get medical knowledge.  But, there are ways around this.  For one thing, essentially everything governments do is a state secret so if they want to kill people no one is going to find out.  One case where this happened was the search for a "vaccine" against radiation.  The elite wanted to make sure they would survive in case of a nuclear war.  They developed the vaccine (which is secret and only available to the elite ruling class), but at the cost of killing over 100,000 US citizens in secret experiments.  The government has admitted to some radiation experiments but has never discussed the vaccine project.
Perhaps the largest human destructive testing project was done in Vietnam during the "war".  Actually, it was not a standard war because the US controlled both sides.  It was more of a "war project" to take advantage of the fact that you can get away with stuff during a war that you cannot get away with under normal conditions.  In Vietnam, anyone who had a medical research project they wanted to do simply built a facility - grabbed as many Vietnamese people as they needed for the experiments - and went to work.  When the project was over, the research team packed up all their notes and data and left.  The "test people" were left locked in their cages and then an air strike was called in to destroy all the evidence.  Many such projects were done which is why people in power wanted to keep the "war" going as long as possible.
It was during this period that human physical death was eliminated.  Beyond the 1960's time frame no "important" person has died.



HISTORY Cloning was discovered on a college campus in the time frame of the 1960's.  It was so simple to do that kids were doing it at home.  Immediately, there was talk about how this was somehow "not right" and should be stopped.  But, news travels fast between college campuses and soon everyone knew about cloning.  By the time government scientists realized the potential of what had been discovered, it was too late to recall the information and the concept of cloning became public knowledge.
If cloning had been discovered today, you would never know about it.  This is because there is a system in place to monitor college campuses just in case someone makes a significant discovery such as cloning.  Today, all persons involved would be immediately seized by government agents and all the research records would be confiscated.  The people involved would be ordered to sign non disclosure agreements.  Anyone refusing would be killed.
As soon as government scientists heard about cloning, the first words out of their mouths were, "We're going to make people".   They knew the power and potential of what they had and they hoped that the general public would never figure it out.
Early tests were, of course, done with animals.  One such test was with a dog.  It so happened that this (dead) dog had been a show dog and knew all kinds of tricks which it performed on command.  When the clone was made, the scientists found, to their surprise, that the clone dog responded to the dead dog's name and all of the commands to do tricks that the dead dog knew.  It was at this point that all government cloning projects went "black".  The secret of cloning had been discovered:  a clone is not just something that looks like the original - it is the original complete with memories.  This is the secret the government hopes you never learn.
This is why the government wants a worldwide ban on cloning - so that ordinary people will never discover this truth and the process can be used for the elite as one of the methods to allow them to live physically forever.
The next step was to make people.  The government guessed - and it proved true - that they could now "bring back to life" anyone who had died if they could find a DNA sample for that person.  They "brought back" people like Einstein, Tesla, Edison and the like.  They also brought back people they secretly admired like Adolph Hitler.
We need to get into some esoteric stuff at this point.  Life continues beyond death.  When someone loses access to their physical body, they find themselves in their Astral or "light" body.  Most people in atheist, materialist countries such as the United States assume that nothing exists beyond physical death.  When they die, they find themselves "earthbound" and real confused because they can see people and hear people but those people can't see or hear them.  They do not know they are dead.
They continue to have a natural affinity for the specific vibratory pattern of the last physical body they had.  Unfortunately, it cannot be reanimated because all the blood has been drained out and replaced with poison to make sure it can't reanimate.  Before embalming, some people would come back to life only to find themselves locked in a box and buried.  Since they could not get out, they eventually died "for real".  Anyway, there is a natural affinity to locate this particular genetic structure.  So, if you are psychic and go wandering around a graveyard, you will find Astral forms who don't know they are dead hanging around where their body is buried trying to figure out why it does not work any more.  Since you can communicate with them, you will probably explain to them that they are dead and that they need to move on (up) to where other beings like themselves live.
Let us suppose, however, that a perfectly well genetic structure exists (clone) which has the exact vibratory signature as the spirit's old body did except that this one works. Well, the same natural affinity that led the spirit to the graveyard would now lead it to the clone and the clone is in perfect health and can be reanimated.  This is how you get people "back from the dead".
There has been assisting technology developed based on other secret discoveries in temporal science.  Obviously, a clone begins as a single cell and it takes some time before it is a recognizable and viable structure.  But, because of time acceleration technology, a "grown up" clone can be whipped up rather quickly.  This is most likely begun using an "artificial womb".  The government already has a law prohibiting any ordinary person from attempting to build an artificial womb to make sure they do not catch on to this secret.
Cloning is only effective for spiritually immature entities who are earthbound due to desire.  A spiritually mature person, upon physical death, would quickly leave this dimension of existence and could not be forced to come back by cloning or any other method.  However, this is not a problem because the type of person the government wants to bring back is filled with earthly desires for money, power and the like and also is likely to be intrinsically evil.  Such people cannot and also do not want to leave the earth and so it is no problem to "bring them back".  The government has no use for legitimately good and spiritually developed people and considers them "a threat to its security".
Cloning is one of the most revolutionary discoveries of modern times.  How many people the government is willing to kill and how long it can keep it up to prevent this knowledge from becoming public remains to be seen.  It only takes one successful clone case to be made public to shatter the secrecy and make the knowledge and technology available to everyone.  And, the world is still a big place.


Controlled reincarnation devices take advantage of the fact that astral entities cannot escape from a charged faraday cage.  Basically, this any space enclosed by a metal screen which is charged with electricity [high voltage] with respect to earth ground.  You can make such a space any size you want as long as you have the material to build it and an uninterruptable supply of power to keep the cage charged.  Obviously, governments have plenty of both.
You have now created a sort of "sub space" of the universe.  If you know what is inside this controlled space, you can cause nature to obey your will.  For the purpose of controlled reincarnation, if someone dies inside this special space and someone else gets pregnant inside this space at roughly the same time, nature will reincarnate the dead person into the new fetus because that is its only option.  This technique has some problems because of the lag time of waiting for the new child to grow old enough to be told what happened and then trying to get the child to recall its past life.


Body swapping uses adult bodies and special equipment to strip the spirit out of one body and put it in the other and do the reverse at the same time.  The advantage of this method is that you immediately get a useable body that is "ready to go".  Controlled reincarnation sort of "cooperates with nature" and is not a Universal Law violation, however, stealing someone else's body is a violation. Clearly, governments really could not care less.


Blanks is the concept of creating a stockpile of useable human bodies which are "alive" but which do not have souls.  This is tricky because, normally, if you remove a soul from a living body, the "silver cord" breaks and the body dies.  There is internet chatter of underground installations in Nevada where this research is done - reportedly with help from aliens - and where the successful "blanks" are stored.
The advantage of blanks is that no special methods are needed to prepare the new body for habitation.  Since it has no soul of its own, you just "hop in and drive away".  Blanks obtained by chasing a soul out of a living body would violate Universal Law but blanks obtained by manufacturing a body which never had a soul and growing it in an artificial womb would not violate Universal Law.  It is doubtful that those doing this research would care either way.


At Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, there is a section called "secure housing".  This is sort of a nursing home for people who have spent their lives in government service and who know too much to be allowed to roam free.  Hence the "secure house".  The fact that this unit exists is not a secret, but what happens there is.  Here is how it works.
The government tells these people that they have been a great service.  Everything they have done in their life is then compiled and put on a "microdot".  This is stored together with a DNA sample.  Then the person is told that "the government thanks them for their service BUT that the government does not need them any more right now so they will have to die".  However, should the government need them again at some future time they will be "brought back to life" [using cloning] so that they can serve the state again.  Then, when it appears that the person cannot realistically care for themselves, they are euthanized.  People in this class sign an agreement "never to leave the service of the government" and apparently "never means never".


Yogis have known for thousands of years about the special powers that humans can develop with practice.  These powers are commonly called the Siddhi powers.  Yogi Masters interested in the Spiritual development of their students will caution them to ignore these powers if, by chance, they should acquire them in the course of their training.  This is because becoming absorbed in such special powers makes any further Spiritual advancement impossible.
However, if you don't care about Spiritual advancement and instead want power, wealth and control over other people, these powers are just the ticket for you.  These are the primary Siddhi powers:
Parkaya Pravesh means entering one’s soul in the body of some other person. Through this knowledge even a dead body can be brought to life. The need for this Siddhi is largely replaced by the secret body transfer equipment.
This special power allows a person to neither feel hungry nor thirsty and allows him to remain without eating food or drinking water for several days at a stretch.
This special power allows a person to be unaffected by change of seasons i.e. by summer, winter, rain etc. A person can sit in the snow or sit in fire and feel no effect.
This special power has to do with changing the size of your physical body [shape shifting] from very small to very large.
This special power allows the person to quickly travel from place to place by flying.
This special power concerns the ability to acquire great wealth which is a primary desire of the elite ruling class.
This is the special power of Alchemy, i.e., transforming one substance into another.
This is the special power to bring the dead back to life.  It has now been replaced by cloning.
This is the power to overcome physical distances.  It is an altered state where space and time have no effect.
This is the ability to get anything you want - rulers love this one.
This is the ability to defy the laws of nature [physics] and do unexplainable and "impossible" things.
This is the ability to put other people under your control [similar to hypnosis].  This Siddhi has largely been replaced with effective mind control drugs and methods.
This is the ability to get anything you want anywhere you want and is sort of a master power including many of the other special powers.  What politician would not drool at the thought of having this power!
The government has discovered that you can "turn on" these special powers by a combination of hyperbaric oxygen and special ultrasonic frequencies.  This makes all the years of difficult yoga practice unnecessary.  It also produces people with amazing power who have no discipline and no regard for humanity.


The AURA is the magnetic field surrounding the human body.  Psychics can see Auras and anyone can see them with the help of special filters such as those made with dicyanine dye.  Dicyanine dye is an old chemical compound and is not hard to make.  However, you may have to find a source outside the United States because it is supposed to be one of the "secret ingredients" used in US currency and so the government does not want you to have any.  This is really ridiculous considering that the benefits of seeing auras far outweighs some secret component of paper money but that is how they think.
The Aura relates to the Physical body under the "as above, so below" rule.  Specifically, a problem in the physical body first appears as  a defect in the Aura.  Since most people can't see the Aura, this warning goes unheeded and the physical problem manifests.  However, if you were able to see the Aura, you could correct a potential problem there and so never have to experience it in the physical.  This is what a competent psychic healer is able to do.
The government has now perfected "aura balancing machines" which use sophisticated computers to analyze the magnetic field [aura] and compare it to some "perfect reference standard" and make the necessary corrections.  Consequently, the gods and other special elite can keep their Auras perfect.
This equipment is part of a family of magnetic medical devices.  The only member of this family that is public knowledge is the MRI diagnostic device, which was actually an accidental spin off from the original project to develop the Aura balancing magnetic device.
When people spend their lives doing bad things - constantly plotting to hurt other people and cultivating hate and the like - the Aura is damaged and the person suffers.  The elite like to do all these things but they don't want to suffer the natural consequences of their behavior.  Therefore, with periodic use of the Aura balancing equipment, they can lead as evil a life as they want and still have a "picture perfect" Aura and enjoy excellent health.  They have effectively "defeated the law of karma".


In past times when public education actually tried to educate young people, teachers took pride in their work. They knew that not everyone would be an intellectual success but they also knew that there would be a few outstanding students who would go on to do great things and this knowledge gave them a sense of job satisfaction.
However, today the government has developed a secret process that will turn any ordinary person into a genius.  Part of the process involves drugs that will remove all uric acid from the person's body.  This is the key secret.  Actually, it is a secret only from the ordinary people of the world.  Other governments know how to do this too.  In fact, if someone is captured and suspected of being a foreign operative, one of the tests used is to check the uric acid level.
Now that the government can manufacture as many genius kids as it wants whenever it wants, the value of a "naturally occurring genius" has greatly decreased.  In fact, a naturally occurring genius would now be considered a potential liability because he would not be under government control and could possibly develop independent thoughts which could upset the status quo.  He would be watched as a potential threat to the national security.
The manufactured geniuses are "contained" in government installations.  The kids are not kidnapped and their parents know where they are.  They believe their kids are doing a service to the country.  The typical manufactured genius will have several Ph.D.'s before he becomes a teenager.  The kids live on a diet of potato chips, candy bars and soft drinks.  No one cares about the future effects this diet might have because there is no plan to keep the kids beyond the early twenties.
Although the government has all the supercomputers it could possibly want, there are still some problems that only real people can be used to solve.  The reason for selecting kids is that, although they can achieve incredible intellectual capacity, they do not have any maturity, common sense or moral values.  These are learned qualities which come over time and cannot be instantly "drugged into someone".  The government does not want to see these qualities because it interferes with work.  For example, if you told mature scientists, "go make germs to kill everyone in the world", they might have second thoughts about obeying since, for one thing, they live in the world too.  However, if you tell the kids to go do this they will say," gee! - wee! - that sounds like fun - let's go do it!".  This is why the government uses kids because the moral component of their personality has not developed and they will freely do projects that mature people will refuse to do.
None of the kids is kept beyond the early twenties.  The government cannot kill them because their parents know where they are.  However, it is not known whether the kids gradually return to normal once the special drugs are withdrawn or whether the government uses one of its CEOM [Chemical Erasure Of Memory] drugs on them before they are released.  Clearly, they know things that the government wants kept secret so it is probable that something is done to them since the "lack of morality" which the government liked would now become a liability since the kids would also "lack any respect" for any nondisclosure agreement they signed.
Because the government can manufacture smart people when it needs them, there is really no longer any need for a strong public education system.  Educating "ordinary" people could be a liability because educated people tend to object to government policies.  Therefore, public education has now been trashed.  School is just a place to get a free lunch, buy and sell street drugs, and hook up for sex.  There is even a movement to arrange for all school kids to see a psychiatrist who would have the power to force brain damaging drugs on any kid who showed a tendency toward independent thought.


The government arranges controlled drugs into five categories or "schedules" from I to V.  A regular doctor can prescribe from schedule II to schedule V.  Schedule I are drugs whose names are known [such as LSD] but which you cannot get without a special schedule I permit which is usually issued to universities and research labs.
However, this does not account for all the available drugs.  The cure for AIDS, for example, is kept at all full service hospitals.  It was created at the same time AIDS was created.  It is not on schedule I or any of the schedules.  However, it does exist.  We have made up the name "Schedule 0" to cover this class of drugs simply because it sounds logical.
Schedule 0 drugs are available to doctors and others with Q level clearances.  In every major hospital, at least one of the doctors has a Q clearance.  The code name for this doctor is "Doctor Ray".  That is not his name, of course, but if you ask to see Dr. Ray, he will come.  Other drugs in schedule 0 would be the "genius drug" we discussed earlier and the class of brainwashing drugs used to create "manchurian candidates" and the like.  Also, secret assassination drugs.
At drug companies, thousands of unique chemical compounds are made which never existed before.  Some become drugs.  Some are pure trash and do not do anything.  But, many others may do weird undesirable things or even kill people.  You don't need to throw those new chemicals away because the government will pay good money for them so it can use them against people it does not like.  Remember, this is a unique chemical which has never existed before.  No one knows it has been invented and therefore there is no literature available on it and no test for it.  Who could wish for a better assassination drug than one with no history which would be almost impossible to ever isolate and detect.


As a general rule, the government likes privacy.  They tend to choose locations where ordinary people will not likely find them.  Because most all of the real estate on the Earth is already in use, some creativity is necessary to find places where no one would want to go or where no one can go.  Examples of such places would be desolate places like Area 51, inhospitable places like Antarctica and inaccessible places like the far side of the moon.
However, these places only allow for limited expansion.  The solution to this problem is to use the existing real estate of the planet on a lower level, i.e., to build underground cities and installations.  This solution provides access to the entire planet - even the water covered regions - as "empty space" for whatever you want to build.  Because of the water covered regions, there is more real estate available underground than there is on the planet surface.  And, ordinary people have no idea that such places exist or are even possible.  So, it is just a great place all the way around.
When the idea of moving underground first occurred to the government in the early 1900's, the only technology available was conventional technology like men with shovels and whatever heavy equipment was around at that time.
Later, as the government began to develop its seed knowledge, some very fast and efficient methods became available.  The system developed, which is in use currently, involves lasers "pumped" by a small nuclear detonation.  This device produces a cylinder shaped tunnel with "smooth as glass" walls which can be made many miles long with one pulse of the laser device.  Since the material removed in the excavation is sort of "disintegrated" by this device, excavation can be done at a fairly rapid pace.
You may remember - before the age of computers - that stores had vacuum pipes running around so that clerks could put paper documents in cylinders and have them sucked thru the pipes to some central office somewhere else.  The office could reply thru the outgoing pipe.
Because the laser technology makes perfect cylinders that mimic a large pipe, they can be used to transport people and equipment underground at fantastic speeds.  A large cylinder, similar to the idea used in stores in the past, forms a car or bus which holds passengers and cargo.  One vacuum cylinder goes one way and its companion goes the other way.  The entire planet is now connected by this underground transport system which links all underground cities and underground installations.
As a general rule, a country protects its air space and its physical borders.  However, no one seems to consider the possibility of an attack from underground.  Consequently, the nations who have not yet been taken over and co-opted into the new world order are easily penetrated by the underground transport system.  All that is required is a "safe house" in the target country located where you want to send in agents.  This is then tied in with the underground transport system and you can enter and leave the target country whenever you want and the fools never even know you are there.
Underground installations are mainly work places as opposed to underground cities which are living spaces.  There are underground installations all over the world.  However, for our example we are going to talk about the installation located below Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.  This is a huge installation and extends far beyond the physical limits of the base above it and even extends into neighboring states.
This installation is basically an underground office building.  Once you get into the underground, you see brightly lit hallways which seem to go on forever.  Every so often is an area with electric carts.  You grab one and go to wherever you are going and leave it in the closest "cart park" for others to use.  One interesting aspect of this underground office building is the doors to the offices.  The doors are about twelve feet tall.  Even basketball players don't get that tall.  However, it is said that some of the alien races we have business relationships with are almost twelve feet tall so this could be an attempt to accommodate them.
You may have seen TV stories about "secret" underground places for government executives to go in case of some attack.  These stories typically show some concrete block room with very uncomfortable looking bunk beds and maybe a crate of tasteless dry food from the 1960's or whatever.  Such places may exist, but they are certainly not for anyone at any high level of government.  They would laugh at such crap and they certainly would not want to stay there.
When we say "underground city" we mean "city" with all the associated amenities.  Underground cities have houses, open spaces, trees, gardens and, of course, golf courses.  They look like any other city except that they are underground.  And, they are "camelot perfect".  Remember, "the rain may never fall 'til after sundown...", etc.
Everything in an underground city is state of the art technology perfect.  The air is "manufactured air" which means the air is made from stocks of liquefied gasses [nitrogen, oxygen, etc.] which are then mixed in the exact correct proportions.  There is zero pollution.  Artificial sunlight creates day and less artificial sunlight creates night.  Water can be tapped from natural underground sources.  Power is generated from geothermal energy and is essentially unlimited.  Local transportation is electric.
The ideal location for underground cities is Africa because the African Continent has essentially no seismic activity.  Underground cities are immune to all surface weather problems and are completely safe from any war type event on the surface, however they do not do too well in an earthquake or similar seismic event.  So, they cannot be located in areas of the earth subject to such events.
In the underground cities are located the living quarters for the gods - the permanent residents of the Earth.  There are many reasons for the underground such as privacy, secrecy and security.  However, the apparent main reason is the anticipation of some future natural disaster which will end all life on the surface of the earth.  The gods, of course, plan to survive such an event.  When things quiet down, they can manufacture a new race of people to their specifications and repopulate the surface.  Then, they can resume business as usual.
When the plan for using the underground was first conceived, it was designed to be a secret place for the elite and the "ordinary" surface people were never to have knowledge of it.  However, a problem developed due to the new high tech equipment in use by the oil exploration industry.  This equipment can map the underground and therefore it can also map the underground cities and installations.
This was discovered by accident in Russia.  Russia had allowed some US companies to come look for oil with all of their cute gadgets.  At first they felt that they had found a huge pool of oil.  Then, they realized that they had actually discovered a gigantic secret underground city.  Because this took place in Russia, the event received brief press and was then quietly hushed up.
This creates a problem for the US and the other nations who have underground cities because they can now be located and mapped.  Therefore, all persons who are allowed to possess this equipment must now be watched to make sure that they do not locate and expose the secret underground.  Apparently, only oil companies use this equipment.  So, since these companies have a close relationship with governments, it should be relatively easy to make sure that no one talks and the secrets of the underground are preserved indefinitely as originally intended.


Here we wish to go thru some of the basic sources and methods that the government uses to gather information.  Sources and methods only work when no one suspects that they exist.  So, as we go thru these you will probably be in for some surprises.
Pen Registers are devices which federal law requires that telephone companies maintain so the government can spy on you.  Basically, the pen register is a list of all the phone numbers called from a phone and all the phone numbers of calls received by that phone.  Pen registers are maintained on all phones including public phones.
Phones have been around a long time and so it has been realized that you can get good information by listening in on calls.  That is why we have legislation to prevent this.  However, it has only been recently that the Caller ID system became available due to new electronic switching equipment.  Originally, it was not possible to detect numbers called and received and so no law was written to make logging this information illegal.  Before one could be written, the government stepped in and demanded that all calls be logged and that the logs be given to them upon demand.
Let's look at an example of how you might be affected by pen register data.  Let's say you are in the front yard watering the grass or something and someone has car trouble and asks to use the phone to call home for help.  You let them use your cordless phone.  Now say one of their kids is known to the police for being involved in drugs.  The pen register will show a call made from your house to the suspect's house and therefore you will be put on a secret police watch list as a suspected drug dealer and placed under surveillance.  All this will be secret and you have no way to know it has happened and no way to do anything about it.  To take it further, say your mate is being considered for a sensitive job.  But, now the FBI file will have a note about suspected drug activities so they won't get the job and you will never figure out why and it is all secret.
This is how the pen register surveillance system works.
When you talk, your voice vibrates things around the house.  The NSA [National Security Agency] people have been doing parallel research for years inventing and perfecting unique gadgets that no one knows exist so they can spy on people.  They are so concerned that no one figures out what they have come up with that employees must agree to die rather than let the secret information be compromised.  When they fly their spy planes, the crew understands that they must blow up the plane rather than let some foreign power find the secret equipment.  This is usually not necessary because all of the spy equipment is designed to self destruct into a pile of useless rubble before anyone could get their hands on it.  However, if this can not be accomplished or accomplished fast enough, the crew understands that they must destroy the plane and themselves with it.  This is how serious they are about the revolutionary stuff they have invented which suggests that it is "real good stuff".
Now, back to the pipes.  In this spy method, it is possible to connect to a drain pipe or water pipe in a neighborhood and detect the conversations going on in the houses which the pipes connect to.  Secret equipment is able to filter and select so that only one particular house on the pipe network is monitored.  This level of sophistication of signal selection and filtering is, of course, one of the secrets.  The information has always been there for the taking but no one had the means to use it.
Originally, only Superman had it.  Now, we all can have it because it is for sale.  This once secret technique involved equipping an acceptable vehicle [phone trucks are popular] with x-ray equipment.  Then the police would pull up in front of your house and this equipment would let them see inside without ever knocking.  They could see who was home and where they were in the house.  If they thought you could resist them, they could just lock on to your position and shoot thru the wall and kill you while you were watching TV or whatever.  Later, after they trashed your house, they could make up some story that you resisted them.
Now, declassified, anyone can buy this stuff.  Just go to www.radarvision.com  and have your credit card ready.
This is a cute little project involving controlling women with satellites.  Since most weird projects are dreamed up by men, they tend to focus more on women then men simply out of the respect for one man for another man as opposed to a "mere woman".  Anyway, in this project, a special satellite was to send out signals designed to influence the female brain.  Since natural brains are not influenced by satellite signals, it was necessary to give the women brain implants.  This was accomplished by arranging for shampoo manufactures to add special liquid crystals to shampoo used by women.  Whenever they would wash their hair, some of the liquid crystals would penetrate the scalp and make their way into the brain where they would remain permanently.  Once the level of crystals reached a certain concentration, the woman could theoretically be brought under control of the mind control satellite.  This is really one of the more creative projects  in the mind control collection.
There are many techniques for secret wars.  Secret wars have the advantage of deniability.  You cannot blame a nation for attacking you or even trashing and taking over your country if everything that happens appears to be "an act of god".
Let's look at a couple of examples:
Attack from Above
Suppose you want to secretly attack a country, kill most of its people and then move in and take over the place.  You find some migratory bird whose flight habits will cause it to cross the country you want to destroy.  You make a contagious designer virus and infect these birds.  The virus is designed to be harmless to the birds.  However, as the birds fly over the target country and leave their little "birdie duty" along the way, the virus is designed to attack the food crops of the target country and kill them.  The people starve and die.  Then you move in and take the land.  This technique works best with highly populated countries like China who would simply not have the logistic capability of brining in enough food fast enough to prevent mass starvation.
Attack from Below
Because the US has a global secret tunnel network, it is no problem to go underneath the country you are going to trash and create some type of devastating earthquake or other sever seismic disturbance which will leave the place in ruins.  Of course, "nature" would be blamed.
Incidentally, in the resent tsunami, no news group seemed to mention the tiny island at the center of the tsunami where the US operates a secret base.  Strange how they seemed to overlook that fact!
If you are in a room with loud music, you will notice that liquid in a glass is vibrating.  Also, if you touch the wall or some solid thing, you will feel vibration.  So, we know sound waves affect things in their immediate environment.  When things in the vicinity of a sound source vibrate, you can analyze these things and reconstruct the sound which caused the vibration.
Now, please refer to the above schematic.  There are common devices in almost every home.  One is the TV set.  In the TV set is a very stable crystal oscillator on a frequency of 15.575 KHz.  Some people can hear this high pitied "whine" coming from the TV.  This frequency creates an ultrasonic field which covers your house and extends beyond the walls of your house.  When you speak, the sound waves from your voice interact with this known [fixed frequency] field to create an interference pattern.  This interference pattern can be detected by spy satellites and, from it, the voices in the room can be reconstructed.  This is how the government listens to you in your home when it wants to.
Now that you know this, you can jam the spy equipment by installing "trashy" ultrasonic generators in your house.  Try to find old ultrasonic bug repelers at a flea market or second hand store because the newer models have been "fixed" so as not to interfere with the spy equipment.  This will produce so many random ultrasonic fields that the spy equipment will not be able to lock onto a stable pattern and so will not be able to reconstruct your voice.
Now, say you are in the middle of a lake fishing with your friend.  No one is close to you.  You think it is safe to talk.  Well, think again.  You see, you are most likely wearing an electronic watch.  In it is a crystal on a frequency of 32.678 KHz.  It is much weaker that the TV set but strong enough to make a field around you and someone close to you.  So, spy satellites can tune in on you and hear every word you say.  This is basically how the ultrasonic spy system works.
In case the government also wants to watch you in your home while it is listening to you, it can target your house with one of its X-Ray satellites.  Of course, if you live in an old house painted with lead based paint they will have a fuzzy picture.  Therefore, new laws not only outlaw lead paint but require the removal of any existing lead paint so they can get a clear picture.  The system is very selective.  For example, if you have a 50 story office building and you are interested in activities on the 17th. floor, you can "tune in" that floor and exclude the rest of the building.  Clearly, this technology is similar to the new airport scanners which can be adjusted to gradually "strip off your clothes" layer by layer to see if you are hiding anything.  The only difference with the satellites would be higher power and more selective focusing ability.
Government spies who are constantly slithering around the country killing and otherwise harassing helpless citizens use sophisticated electronic gadgets.  This is not the same stuff you can go out and buy at some "spy store".  This  is stuff that regular people have never seen and have no idea exists.  Unfortunately, gadgets brake sometimes and need service.  What's a lonely spy to do - far from the home office - should this happen.
Well, fortunately, the government thought of that and established a network of repair centers.  These repair centers go by the code name "vendors".  So, if your spy stuff needs fixing, you know somewhere locally you can go to get the work done.  Vendors use ordinary garden variety businesses as "fronts".  Flower shops are popular because no would expect anything sinister there.  In this case you would walk into the flower shop and say something like, "Hi, I am have some special trouble with my garden and I talked to Patty Petunia and she said she could help me."  Obviously, there is no Patty Petunia but you have now given the correct code word and they will let you into the back room where the technicians work and you can get your stuff fixed or replaced or whatever it takes to get you back in shape to carry on your secret assignment.
Now, let's say the "vendor" in the spy fix it shoppe needs parts.  Well, you need to go to a parts store.  But, the parts you need are classified so the catalog is not going to have them in it.  So you say, "I need some hard to find parts and Cathy Capacitor said you might have them."  Now that you have said the correct code word, the man behind the counter will hand you a catalog which looks like the regular catalog but it will be the classified version which will list the secret parts you need.  You place your order and pay with your Federal Credit Card.
We have used electronic parts as an example but the system of "two sets of everything", one for the "ordinary person" and another for the "special" person applies pretty much to all items and all major suppliers.  There is one "public catalog" and a second "secret catalog" which you can see once you give the correct code word signal.  Because "special" people may live and work side by side with "ordinary" people, there is a whole national language of code words so that the "special" people can get and do the things they need and the "ordinary" people will have no clue as to what is happening.  It could be described as a sort of  "cold war" of the secret government against the uninitiated masses or "the herd" as they are referred to in high circles.
This is one of the better kept secrets.  For years now, priests have been passing on to the government anything you tell them in confession that they might find interesting.  This is one of the major methods that the government uses to gather information.  The Catholic Church has been very cooperative with the government in intelligence and it could almost be considered a secret arm of the government.  Also, because of its power to scare people, it can help the government control people by, for example, telling people that it is a "sin" to try to avoid paying taxes.
As you may have guessed by now, the Catholic Church is a control organization and has nothing at all to do with anything remotely Spiritual.  It is just a racket to get your money so that its elite members can have a great life without working.


Here we wish to briefly go over the real state of the art in science.  The "chosen" of the world have now had almost seventy years to evaluate and develop the seed knowledge that they were given for the benefit of all mankind.  They have made good progress in the development of this knowledge although they only use it for their benefit and others detriment.
Communications technology is one of the most perfected sciences.  Instant global communications are available to anyone who wants to pay the cost and highly sophisticated global communications systems are available to the military and government.
Today's "secret agents" are supposed to be capable of uninterrupted worldwide communication via a dental implant.  Additionally, they are supposed to have a second dental implant for self destruction.  Both are said to be "non removable" whatever that means.  The agents are fearless of death because they are promised new bodies if they should die.
This implant technology is also quite effective for the "puppets" the United States installs all over the world as "democratically elected leaders".  In the past, when an installed puppet malfunctioned, it required a military invasion to remove the puppet and install a replacement puppet.  This can be messy and costly as in the case of  Panama and now Iraq.  Now, with the self destruct implant technology and communications technology, when a puppet is installed he will have no choice but to obey orders because he will be monitored 24 hours a day and he can be killed in an instant by remote control if he gets out of line.
Radio transmissions may be cleverly encrypted to prevent the information sent from becoming known, however the fact that there is some kind of transmission taking place cannot be concealed.  Since most people who are concerned with security have equipment which will detect that a radio frequency transmission is taking place, we assume that one of the NSA's secrets is that they have discovered some communications technology which does not use conventional radio frequencies.  Such transmissions will not be detectable until someone in the private sector guesses how they work and lives long enough to publish the findings so that the new technology becomes public knowledge.
Physics is complete.  That is, there is no "uncertainty" left as to how things operate.  Physics books available to the public end with all sorts of "uncertainty principles" and other assorted unknowns.  This is to deliberately keep the average person in ignorance.  For those a bit smarter, so called "String Theory" seems to be a fairy tale invented to send the curious off in the wrong direction.  All of the mechanics of matter and the Universe have been worked out, tested and verified.  There are real "complete" physics books in print, however you need a top secret clearance to get your hands on one.
There is no known disease that does not have a safe an effective cure.  There is no need for you to ever die physically unless you want to.  The fact that these treatments and options are not available to you is due to government policy and secrecy.
Medicine has become an "industry" as opposed to some kind of "healing art" practiced by dedicated souls sworn to do their best to help you and to never hurt you.  This may have once been true but the only thing that counts today is making money and the medical industry is very skilled at maximizing its profits.
Like any industry, the medical industry has and relies on "trade secrets".  Trade secrets are things that, if known, would seriously impact the profitability of the trade.  For example, an auto maker would prefer that you not know the actual cost of production of a vehicle.  That way, you will be content to pay the designated price and feel you got a good deal.
The biggest trade secret of the medical industry is that there is really no need for a medical industry.  If you had access to the secret vaccinations given to the elite ruling class, you would never get sick.  If you had access to top secret cloning technology, you would never die.  The only reason you would need medical help would be as a result of some accident or physical injury of some type.  If that was the only reason people sought out a doctor, they would go broke.
Clearly, this is economically unacceptable.  Therefore, it is important that people be deliberately allowed to become infected with diseases that are preventable and that new diseases be made in the lab and released to keep people sick and scared of dying so that they constantly run to doctors for "help", all the while not knowing they are actually the cause and not the solution.
Probably the two diseases that the medical industry absolutely loves best are AIDS and cancer.  Both are man made and both have effective cures which are top secret.  Drug companies know that they are not allowed to release the real cure without government permission.  Of course, there is no economic motivation to do so because they could no longer profit from suffering people by inventing expensive "cures" which do not work and selling them at top dollar.  These two diseases together fulfill many of the government's needs and desires.  They kill people which is considered necessary for population control.  They boost the economy because the drug companies and the medical industry can make a fortune selling the helpless people drugs and treatments that don't work and then "standing around" while the poor people slowly die in agony anyway.
The medical industry is extremely wealthy and has loads of lobbyists with bags of money to bribe congress and any regulators to get whatever it wants.  What it wants is to stay in business and grow ever richer day by day.  So, don't expect to see any improvements.
Much genetic information is now publicly available.  In secret, the state of the art in genetic knowledge and capability is equal to or very close to the sophistication of the alien genetic scientists who manufactured the bodies we now use on the Earth tens of thousands of years ago.  These alien people are the "god" or "gods" referred to in ancient books.  There are no books written by the for real GOD.
The US has space ships and space travel capability and limited experience in actual space travel.  There are limits on where ships from Earth can go due to sanctions for willful and continuing violations of the Universal Laws.  However, they sneak out every once and a while and visit uninhabited places or hook up with their little bug and reptile friends.  One discovery of interest is that our solar system creates time within its space and other solar systems due the same.  The field of control which our sun generates extends out some light years and larger suns would have larger spheres of influence.  A solar system has a factor known in top secret physics as "time pressure".  Time pressure determines what elements may freely exist within that system.  Therefore, rare elements and elements that can only be man made and have very short "lives" in our solar system may freely exist and be common in other systems with a different "time pressure".  This has been confirmed experimentally by traveling to other solar systems.
If Earth's government would clean up its act and respect Universal Laws, we could all enjoy the many new experiences available in other parts of the physical universe, but it appears that is not to be.
Time travel is a reality and has been perfected.  The first thing they tried, of course, was to go change the past in the hope of changing the future.  It does not work.  Einstein predicted that it would not work and he was right.  Changes you may make in the past have no effect at all on the present.  So all those science fiction stories are just that - fiction!


Perhaps the most logical way to present this material is to take the theoretical case of a baby born to one of the ruling bloodlines of the Earth.  Such a child would have a birthright or "divine right" to become a god.  Let's go thru the stages of development of such a child.
The young god is like any other naturally born baby.  It does not remember its past lives and it is not consciously aware of much of anything at all.  The child will, of course, be raised in an environment with every conceivable luxury.  During these early years, members of the child's bloodline as well as those from other bloodlines will be watching.  This is because, should this child be approved for godhood, it will live forever and become a new permanent member of their elite community.
Every once and a while there is an "error".  A child develops humane thoughts and strange desires to work to change the world for the better.  Obviously, this cannot be tolerated and such a child cannot be allowed to become a god.  It may not be harmed, but it will be secretly excommunicated from the elite and will simply not be given the special knowledge of the gods.  It will live a normal life and then die and be forgotten.  This is just one of those problems when a child is born "naturally".
However, it is more likely that the child will show a tendency towards a desire for power and total disregard for "ordinary" people.  Such a healthy sign would mean that, most likely, a new god has been born.
Once the child reaches school age, there should be obvious signs as to whether this child will be initiated into the society of gods or not.  If yes, the initiation sequences will begin.
The parents will order what is code named a "health kit" for the child.  This consists of several bottles of liquid which the child will be told to drink or which will be gotten into the child somehow like mixing with food.  The child will then be immunized for life against all known diseases including all special diseases which the government has created and released [like population control viruses such as AIDS] or that have been prepared and may be released in the future.  Beyond this point, the child will never get sick.  Child may or may not be told about this at the present time.
Special School
Obviously, child will never go to anything remotely close to a "public" school.  Child is a future ruler of the world and is above all of those ordinary "trash" people.  Child will go to a special school where other elite kids go and will develop friendships with other children, many of which may also be "young gods".
Child will be watched for its attitude and method of handling interpersonal relationships.  It is a future ruler and, as such, must show no weakness or compassion.  If a male child has a problem with a girl and kills her [like the Kennedy's do], this would be a positive sign that he is "real god material" having demonstrated total ruthlessness and total disregard for human life.  Special god training would probably be started immediately.  As for the girl, well women are a "secondary inferior creation" so who cares.  Bury her and forget it.
Now the young god in training is ready to start its special training which will place it forever above the ordinary person.  Parents may take young adult to one of the secret libraries where the true history of the United States and the world is recorded.  History books available to the general public are creative works of fiction at best.
In the secret libraries, child will learn about the FRUS [Foreign Relations of the United States] books which contain the true history of the country.  Child can read, for example, the secret indictment against President John F. Kennedy which was used to justify his murder.  If child is into "spacey" stuff, he can read the true report of the Roswell UFO incident which is listed in FRUS as a legitimate event.
Obviously, child will be accepted and will attend one of the ivy league colleges.  Child could go to Yale and get to join Skull and Bones but other colleges will do just as well.  If child elects science as a major, the textbooks used in publicly accessible colleges will be insufficient because all state of the art science is secret.  Therefore, the book companies which print watered down and obsolete stuff for the "ordinary" student also print correct state of the art books for those with proper clearances.
For example, an ordinary person obtaining a Ph.D. Degree in Physics would be left with a bunch of "uncertainty principles" and the general feeling that "we really don't know anything".  Actually, Physics is a complete science and there is no "uncertainty" left at all.  So, the classified books would cover subjects like "Temporal Science" and go thru the classified Einstein equations and thoroughly explain everything.
By now the child has been confirmed as "god material" and will be instructed as to its special status and told that it will live here and participate in the ruling of the world forever.  It will probably want to join some of the classic insider groups such as the Builderbergers or the Illuminati so it can have friends who are on the same level.
It will have been explained to the young god by this time that the elite bloodline must be preserved as it has been for thousands of years.  Parents may have preselected an appropriate mate or suggested several approved possibilities.  Love is irrelevant.  Production of genetically correct children to preserve the bloodline is the primary purpose.
Should the young god totally reject this idea and choose a "commoner", it  could be stripped of its future rights as a god and excommunicated from the elite circle it now enjoys.  It would be unusual for the young god to make such a choice because by now it knows it is destined to live forever with every possible luxury if it conforms to the accepted rules of conduct.
The "elders" will decide how best to use the new god.  It might be made into a Senator or even be selected to do some time as a US President.  US Presidents are generally always from one of the ruling bloodlines of the world and are preselected by a committee of "elders" [for want of a better word].  Once the committee has selected someone, the press programs the general population in such a way that they elect the selected person.  There have been errors in the programming process, notably in the case of President Kennedy who was not supposed to win.  Such errors, however, are corrected.
Now, an older and wiser god, your work for your first lifetime as a god is coming to a close.  You will have some retirement years where you will not have an active job.  During these years, you will want to visit the secret underground cities and pick out some permanent accommodations where you will live when you are fitted with your new body.  You will also get to meet the "residents" who will eagerly anticipate the day that you will join them.
What to do with the Wife
As a general rule, the wives of gods do not need to know about the underground or that their husband intends to live forever.  There are plenty of young healthy females in the underground for recreation and it would be a drag to be stuck forever with the same woman even if she was fitted with a new young body.  Therefore, wives usually do not have any knowledge about this.
The classic example is the retired CIA boss who went out fishing one day and went missing "floating down the stream".  Later, the boat "floated back" with his dead body.  Clearly, he was picked up by his buddies, taken to the underground and fitted with his new body.  Then the "empty shell" was floated back so his wife could have closure.  She had no clue.
Choosing a New Body
You have several choices in selecting a new body.  You can choose a new identical body [clone].  You can choose to take someone's body away from them using the body swap machine [anyone joining the armed forces must sign over their physical body to the government and therefore the government has the legal right to do anything it wants to that body including removing the spirit from it and allowing it to be used by another spirit].
However, you will probably want to select a "manufactured" or "remanufactured" body.  All natural bodies have some defects due to years of "tinkering" and radiation damage from the 1950's when they were popping nukes everywhere for tests.  A "remanufactured" body means that a human body has been checked by genetic engineers for imperfections and all of them have been found and corrected.  Such a body would guarantee you a  "physically carefree" second lifetime.
Your New Life in the Underground
As a new god, you really do not have to do anything at all.  The work of all the "ordinary" people of the world is for your benefit.  You are entitled by "divine right" to anything you want.  You have access to all available knowledge and technology.  You can even go visit other planets or take trips in time if you want.  Anything you desire will be provided.
However, once you settle in, since you plan to be here forever, you will most likely want to choose some activity to avoid becoming totally bored.  There are many committees and study groups you can join where the future of the planet is debated and decided.  As you develop seniority, which may not happen until your are on your third body or so, you may play a part in the ruling council of elders which is the actual negative core group which controls this planet.  This would be your ultimate level of advancement within the world of the gods.  Only the most evil and sinister can hope to reach this level.  To do so is considered the ultimate accomplishment.


INTRODUCTION The United Nations refers to the collective peoples of the world as "the herd".  They speak of such things as "how can we decrease the side of the herd" [population control] and so on.  So, as a member of "the herd", you may be interested in some basic ways that are used to "manage you".

You live in a cage.  You were born in this cage and you will die in this cage just like some pet bird or chipmunk or whatever.  You may not have noticed this because the cage is rather large.  However, it is a cage just as well. Let's say you live in a major city and let's now look at the forces which control your life.
First, you are by no means a free person because you must "voluntarily" sell yourself into slavery in order to get your fiat [faith based] paper money so you can buy food to stay alive and some place to protect you from the elements.
The things you feel you know to be true were programmed into you by state controlled education and are reinforced every day by state controlled media.
"You are what you eat" and the only thing that there is to eat is processed food containing [god knows what] additives which you consume every day and you have no clue what they are or how they affect you.
In a large city, the air you must breathe may be sprayed with special chemicals designed to influence your behavior psychologically or damage you physically by causing cancer or some other dread disease.
In your neighborhood is a paid government informer who knows you and who may even be one of your friends.
Your phone is tapped and all your calls are recorded and saved for a specified amount of time.  If you are "interesting", these records are saved permanently.
X-Ray satellites can watch you inside your home at any time.  This is why lead paint was outlawed.
You cannot cross an international boundary without permission and some international boundaries are off limits.
In the future, you will need your National Identity Card and Internal Passport to leave your city and to cross checkpoints within your city.  Your vehicle will electronically report its position to the government so that your movements can be logged.
If you have a cell phone, be advised that it is not only reporting your position but that it can be remotely turned on so that it transmits your conversations with whomever you are talking.  Turning the cell phone off will not stop this.  If you want privacy, you must remove the battery.  Otherwise it can be secretly turned on and used as a listening device.
Above you is space.  You know it is there but you have no idea what activities take place there and you cannot go there.
Below you is the underground.  You don't even know it exists.
This is your situation - "love it" because you "cannot leave".
The world population is "adjusted" based upon the needs of the ruling masters.  As technology increases, less people are needed to do the slave jobs because machines now do these jobs.  Therefore, the "surplus people" need to be eliminated.
Also, specific subgroups of the general population are evaluated for their work potential or "output" as slaves.  "Lazy" groups of people are scheduled for elimination first.  In keeping with this scheme, the long range plan is to eliminate the black race first and then to consider elimination of Latinos because they like their "siestas" and don't work as hard as other groups do.
AIDS was originally invented to eliminate the black race and specifically to depopulate Africa.  Later, the military suggested that it could be used to get rid of gay people which it has never really approved of.  So, agents were sent to the gay areas of California to give out free hepatitis shots laced with AIDS to eliminate the gays.
In general, the medical profession has the duty to see that you "die appropriately". i.e., that you do not live too long after retirement because to do so will cost the government money.  In an interesting news report from some years back, it was noted that when all of the doctors in a small town went out on strike for some reason, the death rate actually declined.
The government is always looking at new population control methods.  Early on, they designed "food additives" which were supposed to sterilize women.  The additives failed to sterilize women but did succeed in giving them cancer which then forced them to accept treatments which would sterilize them.  So, the project was considered a success.
The government likes cancer as a population control agent.  After years of research to "cure cancer", cancer rates are actually rising.  Common sense should tell you that this is a farce:  no one is trying to cure cancer - cancer research is for the purpose of finding new ways to make people come down with cancer for population control.  It is also a big money maker for the medical industry as is AIDS.
Let's talk a bit about street drugs.  You have, no doubt, heard the argument that it is really the government that is behind street drugs to, among other reasons, acquire money to finance its black projects.  So, let's apply a little common sense to this situation and see what we can learn.
First, there are theoretically bands of international drug smugglers - dangerous and desperate - fearless against all authority - dedicated to penetrating national borders to deliver drugs to their  faithful users.  OK, hold that thought.
Now, if gangs of smugglers operate under the law of supply and demand, we should see a supply of a drug if there is a corresponding demand for it.  Obviously, these people are in this game for money and so if there is a profit to be made they should be there.
So far so good.  There is a good supply of Heroin and, actually, since the US took over Afghanistan and made it into one of its "satellites", the purity of street Heroin has reached an all time high.  No problem finding marihuana, hash or crack either.
Now, suppose you want LSD.  Well, street LSD is not just hard to find - it is impossible to find.  It does not exist.  There is no pure LSD available on the street in the United States [however, you can buy it for about 50 bucks per milligram if you have a Schedule I  DEA permit]. Now, this is strange because, if the international cartels have no problem finding acres to plant poppies and acres to plant pot, why can't they find a few acres to plant Rye which will then become infected with Ergot which is the key ingredient in LSD.  To make LSD, all you need is Ergot and the common chemical reagent diethylamine together with some basic lab equipment.  It is easier to make LSD than to go thru the various stages you need to do to turn Opium into Morphine and then Heroin.  So, why don't these desperate dangerous dealers provide LSD as they do Heroin?  There is certainly a demand - it is a high profit item - easy to smuggle [only one milligram needed for a super "trip"] - so why is it not there?
Consequently, we argue from the circumstantial evidence that the US does have the power to reduce the availability of a street drug to zero if it wants to.  Therefore, we argue that the reason street drugs exist in this country is because the government wants them to exist - wants people to use them and be damaged and addicted - and most likely makes a profit somehow from this whole operation.  If the government was not in total control of what is available on the street, we would surely see a supply of  LSD.  However, we do not.
Incidentally, you probably know that regular cigarettes cause cancer but did you know that the government, which subsidizes tobacco farmers, also provides those farmers with radioactive waste which they are required to plow into their tobacco fields?  Go figure!
The purpose of the social order is to extract energy from the slave class for the use of the god class.  This is usually rated in terms of money.  If the social order is losing money on some person or group, they are a drain on the system and therefore do not have the right to exist.
In times past, a dead human body had little or no value.  However, today, a freshly dead human body, properly chopped up and packaged, is worth about $100,000.00, mainly to the transplant industry.  Therefore if the estimated "value" of a person to society is less than $100,000.00, it is to the financial benefit of society to slaughter that person and sell it for spare parts.
Additionally, there are other uses for "nonproductive" citizens which do not involve killing them right away.
Missing and Exploited Children
Well, the title is correct:  They are missing and they are exploited but the details should surprise you!
Runaways are a drain on society.  They annoy tourists and use up social services.  Also, they have some "attractive qualities".  For one thing, no one who knows them or cares about them knows where they are.  This means that, should they "disappear" no one will be the wiser.
If you are an attractive young girl or if you fall into the category of a "cute, supple young boy", you will probably be used for a sex slave.  Otherwise, you will be used for spare parts.  [If you are or plan to be a runaway you should seriously consider maintaining contact with some mainstream person who can tell your parents if contact is lost.  This will not help you but it will give your parents some closure because they will know that you are never coming back]  Here is how we play this game:
Kids and others who are secluded to be slaughtered for parts are stored in Mexico.  Obviously, they are not told that they are waiting to be killed.  Exactly what story they are given is not known but it would be something to "keep them quiet and cooperative" while they are "waiting".  When the call comes in for something for which there is a tissue type match "in stock", the appropriate person is slaughtered and the desired parts are shipped out.
If you are cute and are selected for a sex slave you will be taken to a government brainwashing center in the US for "processing".  Processing is similar to the Clockwork Orange movie.  You will be given drugs to make you susceptible to suggestion and then shown films.  For the purpose of sex slavery, these will be sex films to train you what to do and to program you to like and desire what you are trained to do.  If the programming is successful, you will be put to work.
Sex slaves which are captured by "private industry" are stored and trained in Mexico before being shipped to their destination.  Private industry does not have the special methods available to governments and so uses various "crude but effective methods".
Sex has always been popular in diplomatic circles.  The classic erotic film Emmanuelle [Sylvia Kristel and Alain Cuny] is based on the diary of a diplomat's wife and is essentially a true story [you must be over 18 to watch it].  Nothing has changed today.  When you entertain foreign dignitaries or even heads of state you try to provide them with appropriate entertainment.  Some like girls.  Some like boys.  Some may like both.  It is diplomatic courtesy to make these things available.  Young runaways are generally in good health and after you "clean them up" and "program them", they make excellent and vibrant sex slaves.
Additionally, the brainwashing system can be applied to other special uses when necessary like making people into "manchurian candidates" and the like.  It appears to be the films and not the drugs which effect the brainwashing.  The drugs only create susceptibility to suggestion.
Division Five is supposed to be a special division of the FBI whose job it is to murder US citizens who are deemed to be a threat to the national security.  There are supposed to be about twelve different groups all called "division five" for compartmentalization and members of one group think that they are the "only division five" and do not know about the other eleven or so "division fives".
Every day, thousands of US citizens are murdered by these people.
The state of consciousness of the "average american" is really a belief system.  This belief system is carefully designed to maximize productivity.  Since it is imaginary with no real relationship to any "concrete reality", it is quite fragile and any "disturbance" could seriously effect production quotas.  Consequently, it must be constantly "maintained" by eliminating any source which could cause "disillusionment" and cause people to "lose their belief".  Division Five ensures the stability of the belief system by systematically eliminating any dissenting source which could disturb the delicate status quo.
Some of the cases where a division five agent would be dispatched to kill you would be:
1.  If you discovered a cure for AIDS
2.  If you discovered a cure for cancer
3.  If you had physical evidence of a UFO
These are just a few examples of things that would guarantee your immediate death.
In case you are wondering about "bad people" like terrorists and general criminals, the government actually likes these people.  If it were not for them, it would not be possible to scare people into voluntarily giving up their freedoms and accepting a police state.  It is the honest people seeking to help and uplift humanity that the government fears - not the criminals.
Incidentally, so called "organized crime" has now been incorporated into the secret structure of the government because it can get away with stuff that the "real government" cannot.  The two are now secretly co-oped together and are fast friends.
Human bodies are alive because they have Souls.  Souls choose to come to this place because they feel it will accelerate their development. Earth is considered a challenge and any Soul who successfully escapes from Earth is shown great respect because it is such a difficult lifetime to do.
However, as conditions on Earth worsen for the average person, new Souls may choose not to come here.  They have that right.  In such a case, if the quantity of Human bodies being produced is greater than the quantity of Human Souls who choose to come here, nature will assign an animal soul to the unused body rather than let it die and go to waste.  This is called a "minion incarnation".  As conditions on Earth systematically worsen, the leaders worry that they may run out of Human Souls to "play god to" and boss around because Human Souls will refuse to come here.  Therefore, they have come up with various schemes to prevent the Human Souls which are already here from ever escaping.
Psychic Interference Devices
Psychic interference devices are denial devices designed to prevent natural psychics from using their abilities.  They mainly consist of radio frequency interference patterns broadcast over specific frequencies known to effect humans.
Spiritual Interference Devices
Spiritual interference devices are devices designed to prevent the Souls of the dead from leaving the sphere of influence of the Earth rulers and, instead, forcing them to reincarnate on the Earth.  The classic "tunnel with the light" that many claim to see when near death is supposed to be a mechanical "soul trap" designed to "suck up souls" and then hold them and force them back to Earth in a new body whether they want to come back or not.  It is supposed to be of alien design and is discussed on the   TRUFAX  web site.  Please see TRUFAX for more specific details.
Operation of a Spiritual Interference Device is one of the highest violations of Spiritual and Universal law.


We have now established the basics of how the world operates and discussed who is pulling the strings and the various techniques they have developed and use.  Now, we want to discuss everyday activities which we call "playtime".  You don't want to get bored with your life as a god, so you need to do stuff to keep occupied.  Since you have no power beyond the planet Earth, your "play" will consist of projects directed at [or against] the general surface population which you hold hostage.
When the Earth rulers decided to abuse the seed knowledge, they realized that finally they had within their power the tools to create what they had always dreamed of:  a one world absolute dictatorship which we commonly call the "new world order".
The question then arose as to what would be the best way to manage such a system to achieve desired results. Since this was to be a world of slave labor, the desired result was productivity - how to get the absolute most out of the slave before it drops dead from abuse.
A series of "test governments" or operating systems were tried.  For example, the United States created and financed the Soviet Union and still secretly controls it today.  It was used to test the concept of an overt dictatorship where there was no doubt that you were a slave and would be tortured or killed if you resisted.  This technique worked to a point, however terrified people were found to be less productive due to the stress and fear under which they lived.
The United States tested a system of "democratic illusion" which it called "democracy".  Now, a real democracy would be unthinkable because you would lose control of your slaves if they really had self determination.  So, the solution was to create a system where the people were constantly told how free they were and how it was they who voted and therefore determined their fate and then secretly control things from behind the scenes.  This worked great and so it was decided that the most efficient operating system for maximum productivity from the slaves is "democracy".  Consequently, non democratic systems which still exist in the world are being gradually converted to democratic systems now that the testing is complete.
The democratic system coupled with "false future hopes" produces very high productivity.  You get people all sexed up telling them how free they are and then promise them great retirements and all kinds of good stuff "off in the future".  Then, when the future comes, you tell the suckers, "sorry, social security is broke" and, "sorry, someone stole your pension money" and so on.  By then the slave is old and you don't need it any more so you don't care what it thinks or what happens to it.  You got your productivity so screw the stupid slave for believing your lies.  Turn your attention to conning the young generation of slaves.
The people in South Korea are from the same genetic stock as those in North Korea.  So, we know they have the potential to be very productive since their brothers and sisters in the south are.  Now, the people in the north have been beaten down just about as much as it is possible to do.  They have literally abandoned all hope.
This is great because, when the United States takes over North Korea and installs a puppet leader and proclaims it to be an "emerging democracy", US corporations can move in and get work out of the people there for essentially nothing.  If you have a group of people living on grass and mud and you drive in as the "liberator" with a truck full of twinkies, the people will bow down and do gladly do whatever you want.  You won't even have to pay them a salary - just give them decent food and promise you won't kill them if they do not meet the production quota.  In the future, the US corporations are going to have a ball there and the local people will happy and "glad to be a free democracy".
Eventually, a group of people get too comfortable.  They demand more money.  They demand more benefits.  They refuse to do some jobs at all.  Americans are now like this.  That is why all the factories have to move out of the country.  However, gradually other countries learn too.  Their people start asking for rights, benefits and more money.  To make sure you do not run out of slaves, there must be some kind of recycling campaign.
When a society gets too affluent, you need to do something to it to "beat it down" so that you can later "raise it up" and exploit the people in the process.  You can arrange some kind of revolution, "natural" disaster, plague or some such scheme to trash the society.  Then, when all hope is beaten out of the people, you come in and "rescue" them and put them to work in factories for a fraction of the wages that you had to pay them before they were "recycled".
Africa is a special place.  It has essentially no seismic activity.  For this reason, the World Control Directorate is located there - underground, of course.  However, the surface of Africa is pretty too.  Unfortunately, it has been determined by the rulers of Earth that the native people simply cannot be adapted to the new world order.  Therefore, the decision has been made to kill them all.  This will create fresh real estate which can then be occupied and developed by "approved" people.  It is similar to the occupation of America which was already occupied by the native americans - try to find them now.
Henry Kissinger, who reportedly signed the order to begin systematically infecting the African people with the AIDS virus that US scientists had manufactured,  is said to have called this process "cleaning out" certain parts of the world.  Sort of like taking a "chemical mop" and just moping up the unwanted people and putting them out for the trash.  Anyway, despite being infected with AIDS, the African people continued to live so then the "fast kill" designer virus Ebola was used but they survived that too.
Then, it was decided to send in agent provocateurs to start civil wars everywhere and let the people kill each other.  Additionally, whenever no one was looking, CIA agents would fly around and drop poison on whoever looked like they were not being effectively killed by the other methods.  The process is ongoing, but eventually there will be no Africans left in Africa and the US corporations can move in and develop the land as they see fit.
If you were in some position of responsibility on another planet and you got word that some "federation" from the planet Earth was on the way to pay you a visit, you would want to get every weapon you could find and blast them out of the sky.  You would know that these people were not "seeking out new life" but were rather "seeking to conquer" new life, colonize the planet and turn the native population into slaves.  In short, they are bad news.  No civilized world would want people from Earth, under its present directors, to come anywhere near them.  No advanced society would want to touch Earth with a ten light year pole!
Let's say that you are the leader of some country.  One day, a representative from the United States comes calling:
You:  What do you want?
US:  I have come to ask you to turn your country over to us and to become a puppet of the United States.
You:  You must be crazy - I am the supreme leader here and our country does not need you and our people are happy - I will never do such a thing!
US:  Well, that is understandable.  However, I would like to invite you to come visit the US for a few days as our guest.  You have our oath under the principles of diplomatic immunity that no harm will come to you and we would really like to show you some things that we promise you will find interesting.
You:  OK - I will come but my position will never change.
US:  Fine.
[In the US you enter an elevator for an unusually long ride which appears to be downward]
You:  Where am I?
US:  You are in one of our underground cities.  This city is my home - everything is perfect here - the air is absolutely pure and all natural elements are totally computer controlled to maximum perfection.
You:  This is incredible.
US:  Yes, quite an achievement - we have been building them for years now and we have them all over the world.  But, you must be tired now from your trip.  As it is late, let me get you some quarters assigned and we can talk in the morning.  Would you like some girls from our diplomatic recreation division for the night?
You:  Well, OK
US: [walkie-talkie] 257,  092  report.  [two girls show up] Go with this man - anything he wants - understood?
Girls:  Yes Sir.
US:  Have a good night - see you in the morning.
[the next morning]
US:  Good morning - have a pleasant night?
You:  Sure did - your girls are great - we can't get our slave girls to do some of the stuff yours do even when we threaten to kill them - how do you do it?
US:  We use chemical persuasion - very efficient.  Most of these girls were young runaways - they were a burden on our society.  Now we capture them and send them to processing - they turn out as you see them and are now useful.
You:  What happens when they get older?
US:  We send them for recycling.  They are stored until someone needs a spare part - liver - heart - whatever and then they are used to provide it - very efficient re-use of a biological unit and most of them are in excellent health.  What would you like for breakfast?
You:  That guy over there - I know him - but he died ten years ago.
US:  Why don't you go enjoy breakfast with your "dead" friend and then we can talk.
[after breakfast]
US:  You see, I invited you here so that you could see these things for yourself.  We are gods.  This is where we live.  We are totally protected from all outside forces.   I died 16 years ago.  This is my second body.  When it wears out, I will get another one - and another - forever.  Your friend you just had breakfast with is one of us.  From our underground bases and cities we control all activities on the surface of this planet.
You:  You do not control my country - we are a proud and sovereign nation.
US:  Well, that is what we need to discuss.  Here is our proposition:  If you will secretly turn control of your country over to us, we will promise you entrance into our community of gods.  You will become a god like us and live forever and have every conceivable luxury.  If, however, you reject our proposal, we will take your country by force.  We already have agents in your country.  We can release deadly viruses and cause mass death and panic.  Our agents can arrange a civil war.  Eventually, after we trash your country, we will get a UN resolution and invade it directly and make it one of our satellites.  You will most likely be killed.  Certainly, you know of our power and you know you cannot resist us militarily.  However, none of this will be necessary if you voluntarily submit to us.
So, what is your answer:  Do you agree to become our puppet and, in exchange, be allowed to become a god and join us and live forever - or do you choose to resist us and be killed when we come take your country by force?
What would you say - put in this position ?


When we began and discussed the seed knowledge, we noted that it was not a "strings free gift".  It was designed to be used for the benefit of humanity and not to enslave humanity as has been done.  Since the Earth leaders seem to have no ethics or regard for the agreements they make, sanctions and corrective measures have now become necessary.
In the case of sophisticated Spiritual criminals, simply putting them to death has no effect because they immediately grab a new body and continue on as if nothing had happened.  Therefore, the ultimate penalty of AID is used in these cases.  In this penalty, the soul of the accused is stripped of all its bodies [physical, astral, causal and mental] and is then dumped into the void or zone of darkness which separates the created universes from the pure Spiritual worlds.  Here, the helpless soul wanders around lost forever.  There is no return from the AID penalty.  Since the "gods" underground will face this penalty when they are are captured, they essentially have nothing to lose and will therefore take any steps they can think of  to escape judgment.
The general human population of the Earth, although handicapped by genetics which have been damaged and tinkered with throughout the years, are still capable of spiritual evolution.  It is a fundamental violation of the Universal Laws, therefore, to design a system to prevent Earth humans from Spiritually evolving.  This is what the Earth rulers have done.  Such a situation cannot be allowed to continue indefinitely.
If you go pass out loaded guns to children and then the kids go running around killing people and each other, common sense would say that you have to accept responsibility for this.  Similarly, the civilizations who chose to attempt to help the Earth people by giving them advanced technology have a responsibility, now that that knowledge has been misused, to correct the situation.
The Earth is already under sanctions which prohibit it from any contact with advanced civilizations.  That is why the only space activities you see are things close to home like making space stations and such.
Earth has made a few "friends" from other worlds but they are not human and are fundamentally inferior to humans.  The Insectoids [commonly called the Gray People] and the Reptilian races do not desire Spiritual advancement because they are not capable of Spiritual advancement.  It is not part of their makeup.  Therefore, they spend their time seeking power and military conquest.
It is ridiculous to have a Spiritually capable race [Humans] being dominated by advanced bugs and lizards together with evil humans who have no place to go because they are wanted criminals for Universal Law violations and so hide underground in the Earth to avoid capture.  However, this is the current situation.
For those of you who live on the surface of the Earth, you need to know that you do not live under the rule of any type of "government".  You live under a cult.  You cannot join this cult or even meet its members because they are all safely hidden underground.  This cult controls your life and it controls your life to your detriment.  If you expect any relief from your situation in the future, you must at the very least become aware of the true nature of your situation.  Otherwise, those of you who cannot leave the planet Earth will continue to be "playthings of the gods".