Thursday, March 29, 2012


By greydog,
On March 25, in northern Halkidiki, several people gathered in the town square, after the march by students of the Ierissos Gymnasium High School, wearing black armbands and raising clenched fists in front of an empty podium.
At least 2500 residents of Ierissos formed a 15km convoy of cars and headed for the Great Lady. There, they marched to denounce gold mining operations on their mountain by the Greek mega corporation, Aktor and Canadian Eldorado Gold, who use employees and local riot police as mercenaries against the local community.
The entrance to the mountain was cordoned off by riot police, who protect the occupation of the mountain for private corporations at the taxpayer’s expense. The riot police responded to the peaceful protesters with tear gas and by firing rubber bullets at the crowd, despite the presence of the elderly, women and children.
The residents of Ierissos condemn the riot police for their cowardly attacks and for their willingness to provide protection to the private interests of corporations and foreign associates at the expense of the environment and the local community.
The community’s list of demands include the immediate cessation of mining operations and the removal of riot police. They have also requested that the local prosecutor come to Ierissos to adjudicate between the two sides, with both sides fairly represented in the process.
It is worth noting that this is the second time private citizen, George Bobolas of Aktor, has dispatched the local riot police to act as his private army against local communities. See The Keratea Resistance