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Maywood Official Resigns Following Bell City Salary Scandal

Bell residents protest the hefty salaries of the city's top  leaders, waving signs that said, "Stop the abuse on our taxes"  and "Welcome to Bell, where the City Council makes more than you  do. Also, we have nice parks."

Bell residents protest the hefty salaries of the city's top leaders, waving signs that said, "Stop the abuse on our taxes" and "Welcome to Bell, where the City Council makes more than you do. Also, we have nice parks." ((Liz O. Baylen / Los Angeles Times / July 19, 2010)

MAYWOOD-- A Bell city employee who recently resigned amid scandal surrounding her six--figure salary has also resigned from her high-ranking position in the city of Maywood.

Angela Spaccia resigned from her $10,000 a month contract position as interim city manager in Maywood on Friday, city spokesperson Magdalena Prado said.

Last week, after uproarious outrage at protests held by Bell city residents, Spaccia resigned as the city's assistant manager.

The position in the working-class city of Bell paid her more than a reported $376,000 a year, which is well above the salary of most city managers.

Spaccia's cited reason for her resignation in Maywood was because she felt the growing media concern would detract from the city's needed structural and financial reforms, Prado said.

Spaccia had been working under contract for Maywood since February, and recently oversaw Maywood's decision to disband the city's police department and lay off droves of city employees.

Colombia says "never" thought to attack Venezuela

r" thought to attack Venezuela

Sat Jul 31, 4:08 PM

BOGOTA (Reuters) - Colombia rejected on Saturday accusations by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that Bogota was planning an attack on neighboring Venezuela, saying the socialist leader was deceiving his people with such charges.

Chavez said on Friday he had deployed troops to the border to repel a possible assault after Colombia claimed last week that his country was harboring Colombian rebels in camps in Venezuela.

"Colombia has never thought of attacking its brother nation (Venezuela) as the president of that country says, in a clear political deception of his own country," Colombian President Alvaro Uribe's office said in a statement.

"Colombia has gone to the channels of international law and will continue insisting on those mechanisms so there is an instrument to make the Venezuelan government comply with its obligations not to harbor Colombian terrorists."

Chavez cut ties with Uribe's government after Colombia presented video, maps and photographs alleging that FARC rebels and guerrillas from a smaller leftist group were hiding out in Venezuelan territory.

Colombia's foreign ministry denied a statement from Chavez that a Colombian aircraft had violated Venezuela's airspace for five minutes this week. "No Colombian military aircraft or helicopter has crossed into Venezuelan airspace," it said.

Chavez said his foreign minister would meet Colombia's new government, which takes office on August 7. Close Uribe ally Juan Manuel Santos, a former defense minister who becomes president next week, wants to improve relations with Venezuela.

Various Colombian leaders have battled Marxist guerrillas since the 1960s in Latin America's No. 4 oil producer.

Uribe -- who first came to power in 2002 -- has battered once-mighty rebels with his U.S.-backed offensive that has pushed the insurgents back into remote, rural areas.

Although violence has fallen dramatically during Uribe's eight years as president, shootings, bombings and other attacks are still common.

On Friday night, FARC rebels killed four soldiers and a police officer in an ambush in the southern Caqueta province, local media said. Two civilians were also wounded.

The leader of the FARC, Colombia's largest rebel movement, has called on President-elect Santos to look for a political solution to the four-decades-old conflict.

(Reporting by Monica Garcia; Writing by Jack Kimball; Editing by Daniel Wallis and Eric Beech)

Welcome to September 11 Television Archive

This collection contains television news programs recorded live from around September 11, 2001 by the non-profit Television Archive to help patrons research this important part of United States history. These materials were available on the site from October 11, 2001 through 2003.

Watch a video summary of the news coverage on September 11, 2001.

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September 11: Chonology of Events

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8:48 a.m.

First news reports that American Airlines Flight 11 has crashed into One World Trade Center (north tower).
9:03 a.m. United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into Two World Trade Center (south tower).
9:17 a.m. FAA closes NYC area airports.
9:21 a.m. NYC Port Authority closes all bridges and tunnels in NYC.
9:24 a.m. President Bush calls crashes "an apparent attack on our country".
9:32 a.m. New York Stock Exchange closed.
9:40 a.m. FAA orders all commercial flights grounded.
9:43 a.m. American Airlines Flight 77 crashes into the Pentagon. (Note: other sources cite the crash at 9:37 and 9:45)
9:45 a.m. White House evacuated.
9:59 a.m. Two World Trade Center (south tower) collapses. (note: other souces cite the collapse at 10:03, 10:05, & 10:06)
10:00 a.m. United Airlines Flight 93 crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. (note: the crash happened slightly after 10 am, perhaps as late as 10:10 according to other sources)
10:10 a.m. Portion of the Pentagon collapses.
10:13 a.m. United Nations building evacuates.
10:22 a.m. State and Justice Departments, and World Bank, evacuated in Washington DC.
10:24 a.m. FAA reroutes inbound transatlantic flights to land in Canada.
10:28 a.m. One World Trade Center (north tower) collapses.
10:45 a.m. All federal office buildings in Washington DC evacuated.
10:48 a.m. Police confirm Pennsylvania plane crash.
10:53 a.m. New York's primary elections postponed.
10:54 a.m. Israel evacuates diplomatic missions.
10:57 a.m. NY Gov. Pataki announces closure of all state government offices.
11:02 a.m. Mayor Giuliani urges New Yorkers to stay at home and orders an evacuation of the area south of Canal Street
12:04 p.m. Los Angeles International Airport evacuated.
12:15 p.m. San Francisco International Airport evacuated.

12:15 p.m.

US closes some Canada and Mexico border crossings.
1:02 p.m. NY Mayor Giuliani evacuates Manhattan south of Canal Street.
1:04 p.m. President Bush says: "Make no mistake, the United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts." (note: other sources cite this at 12:36)
1:27 p.m. Washington DC declares state of emergency in the city.
2:30 p.m. FAA announces suspension of US commercial air traffic until noon EST Wednesday 9/12/01.
4:00 p.m. CNN National Security Correspondent David Ensor reports there are indications that Osama bin Laden is involved in attacks.
4:10 p.m. Seven World Trade Center reported to be on fire.
4:25 p.m. American Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, and New York Stock Exchange announce they will be closed Wednesday, 9/12.
4:45 p.m. City of New York announces that 200 firefighters and 78 police officers are missing.(Note: according to other sources, at 7:45 pm the New York Police department announced that at least 78 police officers were missing and that as many as half (200) of the first firefighters at the scene had been killed.)
5:20 p.m. Seven World Trade Center building collapses.
5:30 p.m. Explosions reported in Kabul, Afghanistan. (note: other sources cite this for 6 pm)
6:40 p.m. Press conference by US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld from the Pentagon.
6:45 p.m. President Bush arrives at the White House. (note: other sources say he arrived at 6:54)
8:30 p.m. President Bush addresses the nation.

Search warrants obtained for homes and post office boxes in Florida.

September 12 (Wednesday): Chronology of Events

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5:20 a.m.

Pope John Paul II condemns attacks.
8:45 a.m. European stock markets observe silence for one minute in remembrance
10:00 a.m. Congress reconvenes.
10:30 a.m. NY City Mayor Giuliani warns that death toll will be in the thousands.
10:50 a.m. President Bush calls attacks "act of war".
10:54 a.m. CNN reports that two phone calls from al Qaeda members referring to attacks have been intercepted.
11:20 a.m. FAA will not allow air travel to resume at noon.
1:00 p.m. FBI takes several people in Boston and Florida into custody for questioning.
1:20 p.m. Taliban officials ask the US to not attack Afghanistan.
2:15 p.m. Morgan Stanley says "vast majority" of its World Trade Center employees are safe.
2:20 p.m. FAA allows planes diverted on Tuesday to finish their flights.
2:57 p.m. White House claims to have credible information that Air Force One and White House were targets.
3:40 p.m. US Attorney General Ashcroft says 3-6 hijackers per plane, armed with knives and box cutters, some terrorists trained as pilots in the US, and calls investigation most massive in US history.
4:00 p.m. NATO announces will back US military action, says "when one member is attacked, then all members are attacked".
5:20 p.m. Rescue workers evacuated from World Trade Center area due to partial collapse of One Liberty Plaza, Nasdaq's new headquarters.
5:45 p.m. Relatives of Pennsylvania crash victim Jeremy Glick say he called them from the plane and said people on the flight we're going to attempt to stop the hijackers.
6:00 p.m. President Bush visits Pentagon, thanks rescue workers.
6:00 p.m. G7 issue statement promising to support banks experiencing high withdrawal demands.
7:00 p.m. Congress holds prayer vigil in Capitol Rotunda.

September 13 (Thursday): Events

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Most New York City schools reopen.
Most US airports reopen.
FBI serves search warrants to major Internet service providers in order to get information about an e-mail address believed connected to the attacks.
Colin Powell acknowledges that Osama bin Laden is a leading suspect.
Bomb threat forces evacuation of Congress.
Pakistani leader promises full cooperation.
Germans detain two in Hamburg.
Three men detained in Boston and later released.
Black box from Pennsylvania flight found.
Rome police investigating stolen American Airlines uniforms and pilot's key card.
Eight people arrested at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports.

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Major Corporations Are Downloading Those 100 Million Facebook Profiles off BitTorrent

Remember that torrent yesterday that contained the personal information off of 100 million scraped Facebook profiles? I thought it was strange that the guy didn't sell
this information, since many companies would be interested. Turns out
they are interested.

Reader Clint discovered that all you had to do is use something like Peer Block, which grabs the IPs of the other users also downloading the torrent and identifies which company or university or organization they
belong to. You can check this yourself by hopping on the torrent and
doing the same thing.

Here are the major companies that are downloading the torrent. A couple caveats to these. Just because a company is on the list, doesn't mean that it's a sanctioned download by the company itself to grab the
user information for some purpose. It could easily just be some dude at
the company who wanted to download the torrent himself to check it out.
Also, the IP addresses assigned to a company might fluctuate (they
usually don't, much, unless major companies change their connection to
the internet, so it should be mostly accurate).

A.C. Nielsen
Agilent Technologies
AT&T - Possible Macrovision
Baker & McKenzie
Bertelsmann Media
Church of Scientology
Cisco Systems
Cox Enterprises
Davis Polk & Wardwell
Deutsche Telekom
Ernst & Young
Goldman Sachs
HBO & Company
Hilton Hospitality
Levi Strauss & Co.
Lockheed-Martin Corp
Lucent Technologies
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co
Northrop Grumman
O'Melveny & Myers
Oracle Corp
Pepsi Cola
Procter and Gamble
Random House
Road Runner RRWE
Siemens AG
Sun Microsystems
The Hague
Time Warner Telecom
Turner Broadcasting system
Ubisoft Entertainment
United Nations
Wells Fargo
Xerox PARC

WTF?!? "The Church of Scientology" lol.....

And of course..... Halliburton..... and Goldman Sachs......

July 31: Now 'Mysterious' BLACK BLOBS rising from sea floor

July 31: ROV films more explosive scenes on sea floor

"Israel Did 9-11" - U.S. Military Expert Supports Bollyn Thesis

"What we need to stand up and say is that not only did they attack the USS Liberty, they did 9/11. They did it. I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period . . . And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they're done."

Source: Full Transcript of Sabrosky Interview, March 21, 2010

"9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period . . . And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they're done." - Dr. Alan N. Sabrosky

Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky, an expert author on military and foreign policy matters, is making huge waves in the 9-11 truth community with his interviews in which he says that he is 100 percent certain that 9-11 was a Mossad operation carried out to usher in the Zionist-designed War on Terror - and that he has conveyed this information to the highest levels of the U.S. military. The invasions and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have resulted in more than 60,000 U.S. casualties (dead and injured), Sabrosky said. Sabrosky has also recently written an article entitled "Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism."

"Zionism Unmasked: The Dark Face Of Jewish Nationalism"

Alan Sabrosky is a writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs. In December 1988, he received the Superior Civilian Service Award after more than five years of service at the U.S. Army War College as Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research. He is listed in WHO'S WHO IN THE EAST (23rd ed.). A Marine Corps Vietnam veteran and a 1986 graduate of the U.S. Army War College, Dr. Sabrosky's teaching and research appointments have included the United States Military Academy, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Middlebury College and Catholic University; while in government service, he held concurrent adjunct professorships at Georgetown University and the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Dr. Sabrosky has lectured widely on defense and foreign affairs in the United States and abroad.

The description of Dr. Sabrosky (born 1941) taken from his 1989 paper entitled, "Of Smoke and Mirrors: Grand Strategy by Commission," shows that he has excellent credentials to support his positions.

Dr. Alan Ned Sabrosky (Ph.D., University of Michigan) is a military affairs writer and consultant. He was formerly Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, and also holder of the General of the Army Douglas MacArthur Chair of Research at the U.S. Army War College. A Marine during the Vietnam War, he has taught at West Point and is a 1986 graduate of the Army War College. He has published ten books and monographs and over 80 articles and reviews on defense and foreign policy.

In Dr. Sabrosky's interview with Kevin Barrett on March 30, he explains how he came to the conclusion that Israeli intelligence carried out 9-11:

"When you look at the one thing that could have done it as an organization, Mossad is almost by default the only one left standing. When people in the 9/11 Truth Movement... ask, 'where's the beef'-- the evidence is there. The only piece of evidence lacking is a public confession by one of the architects of the operation, and that is not going to be forthcoming, any more than public confessions by serial capital murderers are common in criminal cases. It's not going to be there."

This is correct. In a highly-secretive Israeli false-flag terror operation like 9-11, which I believe was directed by Ehud Barak, there is a very high degree of compartmentalization, which means there are a lot of people who did and know something about the operation but very few who know the whole thing. Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, and Shimon Peres would be among those at the architectural level who know the whole picture. It is, of course, unlikely that any of the architectural level planners will be coming forward with confessions any time soon. This is why they have to be publicly shamed, constantly and relentlessly, whenever they travel outside of Israel - and hopefully soon by righteous Jews in Israel.

What I hope will happen is that some one who was involved in putting the super-thermite in the World Trade Center will come forward. This would reveal the source of the extremely advanced nano-thermite that pulverized the Twin Towers. There must be quite a few people involved in the preparation of the towers for demolition.

Whenever any of these high-level planners, which would include Ehud Olmert, come to the United States they should be met by protestors who carry placards asking the key questions. In Olmert's case the question is: Mr. Olmert - What were you doing in New York City on 9-11 and when did you leave? This question should also be asked of Rudi Giuliani and Michael Bloomberg. No Israeli official should be allowed to appear anywhere in the United States without a protest by 9-11 truth seekers and grilling with all the questions about Israeli involvement in 9-11.

Dr. Sabrosky continued:

"For Mossad to have been the primary actor, given the target - us - there had to have been approval for this-- for the length of time involved, the location, the people who owned and ran security for the World Trade Centers-- there had to have been approval from the highest levels of the Israeli government."

This is quite correct. As I have explained in my book, Solving 9-11 - The Deception that Changed the World, the false-flag terror of 9-11 was originally planned during the late 1970s, when the arch-terrorist Menachem Begin was prime minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu and Begin's son Benny are currently at the head of the Likud party. The Israeli logic for 9-11 has always been to force the United States to deploy the U.S. military into the Middle East where it would engage and occupy those states that are hostile to the militant Zionist state of Israel.

Benjamin Netanyahu is a disciple of the Zionist terrorist Menachem Begin (and Ze'ev Jabotinsky). The false-flag terrorism of 9-11 was evidently first planned during the reign of Begin in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

As a person who has spent most of his career in military institutions it is not surprising that Dr. Sabrosky calls for a military response against Israel. As he said in the interview of March 21:

I'll tell you - I have a dream, as Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, and my dream is that the 5th and 6th US fleets take Israel and cream it. And that's the end of it.

Here I disagree with Dr. Sabrosky. It would not be correct or proper to "cream" Israel in response to their fanatic leaders (Peres, Netanyahu, and Barak) having committed 9-11. It was not correct to kill innocent Afghans or Iraqis as a response to 9-11 and it would not be correct to kill innocent Israelis or Palestinians either. Such indiscriminate killing would make us no better than the terrorists who committed 9-11. A military response which targeted the Israeli government and military for having committed 9-11, however, would be a proper and just response. A military invasion to overthrow the Zionist regime for having committed the terror atrocity of 9-11 and its long history of aggression and crimes against humanity would be the proper thing to do. Given the fact, however, that the U.S. military takes its orders from the president, this is highly unlikely to happen. But there is another solution - and it is something we can all do.

Many unpopular regimes have fallen in the past thirty years without a shot being fired. The Soviet Union (and the Warsaw Pact communist regimes) and the apartheid state of South Africa, for example, collapsed without any war being fought. The same thing could happen to the racist Zionist regime in Palestine.

A proper investigation of 9-11 would reveal to the whole world the Israeli criminals behind the terror atrocity that changed the world. It would also expose the Zionists in the United States, (e.g. Michael Chertoff, Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein, Ronald Lauder, and Alvin Hellerstein, et al.) who have committed treason by supporting the Israeli criminals. The real criminals then should be arrested, wherever they might be, and tried for involvement in the terror atrocity of 9-11.

This is, of course, what Americans have wanted all along. It has not happened because the institutions that should have done this have all been hijacked by Zionist criminals like Michael Chertoff and Alvin Hellerstein. The investigation was hijacked by Chertoff and the litigation process has been hijacked by Hellerstein. Chertoff and Hellerstein are only the most visible Zionist faces in this crime. There are other less visible Zionists who are also key players in this massive criminal conspiracy. The Zionists who control the U.S. mass media, for example, are also involved in covering up the truth of 9-11.

We should not wait for the U.S. government or military to take action against the real criminals of 9-11 as this may never happen. We already have sufficient evidence that Israel's criminal leaders and their Zionist agents in the United States are behind 9-11. We should expose their treason (e.g. Zakheim, Chertoff, Hellerstein, Silverstein, et al.) and involvement in crimes of terrorism and shame them constantly and relentlessly. We should also demand that our governments and the institutions we are involved in withdraw all support for the state of Israel. This is something we all can do.

The Kevin Barrett show with Alan Sabrosky can be listened to via the clickable link below.

"Was 9/11 a Mossad operation?"
Alan Sabrosky on Kevin Barrett Show, March 30, 2010

For an American military expert like Dr. Sabrosky to openly support my thesis is a very positive development for the 9-11 truth movement -- and very good for me personally. To have a person with the experience and credentials of Dr. Sabrosky confirming my analysis that Israeli military intelligence carried out 9-11, a controversial thesis I have investigated and developed since September 2001, is very encouraging. Many people may now come forward and say that they have known this all along, but I can say that this has been a very unpopular position, one which has not been supported in the so-called 9-11 truth movement. I have, nonetheless, been able to present my thesis and discuss the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11 in numerous conferences across Europe and the United States.

During the 9-11 Truth Tour in Europe in May-June 2005 (funded by Jimmy Walter), I was the only person who spoke about the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9-11. I was also the only person on the tour who was censored because my thesis was so controversial. In Vienna, Jenna Orkin from New York succeeded in keeping me from speaking by threatening Jimmy Walter and the local promotional agency that the whole Vienna show would be shut down if my "anti-Semitic" views about 9-11 were expressed. Orkin had tried, unsuccessfully, to keep me from being part of the European tour. I have been excluded from most so-called 9-11 truth events because my research has yielded findings of fact that were unacceptable for those who organized the events. Israel was a sacred cow. To blame Israeli intelligence for 9-11 was absolutely taboo.

The BBC interviewed me in London 2005 and asked me why I was the only journalist who did not believe the official version of 9-11.

Later, in 2006-2007, when I was brutally attacked and TASERed by a three-man undercover tactical squad at my home - on my property - not a single U.S. newspaper or media outlet supported me or even covered my case with any sense of fairness. I was maliciously prosecuted for having assaulted the three heavily-armed men who invaded my property and resisting arrest. After a very corrupt legal process I was found guilty of both misdemeanor charges in June 2007 and faced the very real possibility of one year in Chicago's notorious Cook County Jail. At that point we realized that we could not negotiate with criminals and terrorists and were forced to leave our happy home and go into exile.

Rather than discuss my plight, CNN most unfairly tried to smear me as an anti-Semite on the Paula Zahn show the night before my trial was scheduled to begin. The Chicago Tribune and Daily Herald (local newspaper) ignored the facts and gave me the same treatment. Although I had appealed to then Senator Barack Obama, my Congressman, and every member of the Illinois Supreme Court for judicial fairness, not a single word of response came from any of them. (I sent a bound document of some 150 pages to each justice on the Illinois Supreme Court in my effort to obtain a fair trial.) Most telling was the response from organizations that are supposedly dedicated to supporting the free speech rights of journalists. Although I contacted every single one of them, not one responded or offered assistance.

How can it be that an American journalist is brutally attacked by undercover police at his home - in front of his 8-year-old daughter and wife, TASERed while restrained in handcuffs and unable to move a finger, with one 200-pound man kneeling on the temple of his head and another on his back, and has his arm broken - and not a single newspaper, television station, or journalist organization is concerned? This was just the beginning of the price I have paid for my writing about 9-11, but this is why Dr. Sabrosky's revelations are so important to me. Maybe, God willing, my family will finally be able to go home again.

The Bollyn kids in their yard. The heavily armed three-man undercover tactical squad - who refused to identify themselves - invaded the Bollyn home, attacked, handcuffed, and then TASERed Bollyn on the spot where the lawnmower is seen. The loss of their family home has been very hard on the Bollyn kids.

Recommended Sources:

Recommended listening: "Was 9/11 a Mossad operation?"
Alan Sabrosky on The Kevin Barrett Show of March 30, 2010

"The Complicated Faces of Anti-Semitism" by Dr. Alan Sabrosky,

Robert Fisk: Israel has crept into the EU without anyone noticing

The death of five Israeli servicemen in a helicopter crash in Romania this week raised scarcely a headline.

There was a Nato-Israeli exercise in progress. Well, that's OK then. Now imagine the death of five Hamas fighters in a helicopter crash in Romania this week. We'd still be investigating this extraordinary phenomenon. Now mark you, I'm not comparing Israel and Hamas. Israel is the country that justifiably slaughtered more than 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza 19 months ago – more than 300 of them children – while the vicious, blood-sucking and terrorist Hamas killed 13 Israelis (three of them soldiers who actually shot each other by mistake).

But there is one parallel. Judge Richard Goldstone, the eminent Jewish South African judge, decided in his 575-page UN inquiry into the Gaza bloodbath that both sides had committed war crimes – he was, of course, quite rightly called "evil" by all kinds of justifiably outraged supporters of Israel in the US, his excellent report rejected by seven EU governments – and so a question presents itself. What is Nato doing when it plays war games with an army accused of war crimes?

Or, more to the point, what on earth is the EU doing when it cosies up to the Israelis? In a remarkable, detailed – if slightly over-infuriated – book to be published in November, the indefatigable David Cronin is going to present a microscopic analysis of "our" relations with Israel. I have just finished reading the manuscript. It leaves me breathless. As he says in his preface, "Israel has developed such strong political and economic ties to the EU over the past decade that it has become a member state of the union in all but name." Indeed, it was Javier Solana, the grubby top dog of the EU's foreign policy (formerly Nato secretary general), who actually said last year that "Israel, allow me to say, is a member of the European Union without being a member of the institution".

Pardon me? Did we know this? Did we vote for this? Who allowed this to happen? Does David Cameron – now so forcefully marketing Turkish entry to the EU – agree with this? Probably yes, since he goes on calling himself a "friend of Israel" after that country produced an excellent set of forged British passports for its murderers in Dubai. As Cronin says, "the EU's cowardice towards Israel is in stark contrast to the robust position it has taken when major atrocities have occurred in other conflicts". After the Russia-Georgia war in 2008, for example, the EU tasked an independent mission to find out if international law had been flouted, and demanded an international inquiry into human rights abuses after Sri Lanka's war against the Tamil Tigers. Cronin does not duck Europe's responsibility for the Jewish Holocaust and agrees that there will always be a "moral duty" on our governments to ensure it never happens again – though I did notice that Cameron forgot to mention the 1915 Armenian Holocaust when he was sucking up to the Turks this week.

But that's not quite the point. In 1999, Britain's arms sales to Israel – a country occupying the West Bank (and Gaza, too) and building illegal colonies for Jews and Jews only on Arab land – were worth £11.5m; within two years, this had almost doubled to £22.5m. This included small arms, grenade-making kits and equipment for fighter jets and tanks. There were a few refusals after Israel used modified Centurion tanks against the Palestinians in 2002, but in 2006, the year in which Israel slaughtered another 1,300 Lebanese, almost all of them civilians, in another crusade against Hizbollah's "world terror", Britain granted over 200 weapons licences.

Some British equipment, of course, heads for Israel via the US. In 2002, Britain gave "head-up displays" manufactured by BAE Systems for Lockheed Martin which promptly installed them in F-16 fighter-bombers destined for Israel. The EU did not object. In the same year, it should be added, the British admitted to training 13 members of the Israeli military. US planes transporting weapons to Israel at the time of the 2006 Lebanon war were refuelled at British airports (and, alas, it appears at Irish airports too). In the first three months of 2008, we gave licenses for another £20m of weapons for Israel – just in time for Israel's onslaught on Gaza. Apache helicopters used against Palestinians, says Cronin, contain parts made by SPS Aerostructures in Nottinghamshire, Smiths Industries in Cheltenham, Page Aerospace in Middlesex and Meggit Avionics in Hampshire.

Need I go on? Israel, by the way, has been praised for its "logistics" help to Nato in Afghanistan – where we are annually killing even more Afghans than the Israelis usually kill Palestinians – which is not surprising since Israel military boss Gabi Ashkenazi has visited Nato headquarters in Brussels to argue for closer ties with Nato. And Cronin convincingly argues an extraordinary – almost obscenely beautiful – financial arrangement in "Palestine". The EU funds millions of pounds' worth of projects in Gaza. These are regularly destroyed by Israel's American-made weaponry. So it goes like this. European taxpayers fork out for the projects. US taxpayers fork out for the weapons which Israel uses to destroy them. Then EU taxpayers fork out for the whole lot to be rebuilt. And then US taxpayers... Well, you've got the point. Israel, by the way, already has an "individual co-operation programme" with Nato, locking Israel into Nato's computer networks.

All in all, it's good to have such a stout ally as Israel on our side, even if its army is a rabble and some of its men war criminals. Come to that, why don't we ask Hizbollah to join Nato as well – just imagine how its guerrilla tactics would benefit our chaps in Helmand. And since Israel's Apache helicopters often kill Lebanese civilians – a whole ambulance of women and children in 1996, for example, blown to pieces by a Boeing Hellfire AGM 114C air-to-ground missile – let's hope the Lebanese can still send a friendly greeting to the people of Nottinghamshire, Middlesex, Hampshire and, of course, Cheltenham.