Monday, June 29, 2015

McDonald’s Is Losing So Much Money They’re Making Their Burgers Bigger

(ANTHONY GUCCIARDI)  McDonald’s is losing so much money each month that it has stopped reporting the numbers to the public. Millions of individuals around the world have decided that they will no longer fund the fast food giant’s fake food empire, and are instead adopting real food alternatives into their diet.
But don’t worry, McDonald’s has a new plan. What is it, you may ask? Make the additive-loaded burgers even bigger!
That’s the real announcement from McDonald’s this week that is supposed to help raise up struggling profits and bring back lost customers. But don’t get too excited about the extra bite of frankenfood you may soon be enjoying at your local McDonald’s, because the change isn’t too drastic. According to the announcement, the quarter-pounder patty is only getting an increase of .25 ounces.
Forbes has even asked, “Will Bigger Burgers Solve McDonald’s Problem?”
I’ve been telling you about the truth behind the decline of McDonald’s for years: now we are seeing a complete shift in the world of nutrition into an age of real food and independent research. No longer can companies like McDonald’s continue to deliver low quality meals doused in pesticides and loaded with hormones without expecting extreme backlash. It’s really in the same vein as the issues we’re seeing with Monsanto. No longer can Monsanto pump out cancer-causing chemicals and think that everything is going to be okay.
Again, there’s a reason that both McDonald’s and Monsanto are bleeding profits right now. The public has made their decision. It has nothing to do with the lack of .25 ounce on their burger patties, and everything to do with the source and quality of the food that’s intended for individuals and their families.
If McDonald’s wants to survive the next decade, it should focus on radically transforming its food at the most basic levels, not slightly increasing the size of their burger patties.

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